1 Year of Blogging & I Managed To Earn Money From It. Here Are Some Tips On How To Blog & EARN Money From It

Hello Grasshoppa,

It’s been 1 year since I started Black Belt Millionaire Blog. Throughout this 1 year journey, I have managed to meet new people & pick up many skills in between. Aside from that, I have managed to generate extra income from blogging. Cool huh? So how did I start my blog & name it Black Belt Millionaire? Before I get into that, some of you may read some article about how my financial went wrong went I started to work, having huge debt, paid off my debt & started my personal finance & investing journey. After I started to invest, I realized the benefit of investing & I started to share this to my friends & family. It was a decision where I thought of sharing it to bigger audience. As for the name Black Belt Millionaire, it was a combination of my lifetime goal. To be a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & to retire a Millionaire.

Black Belt Ray

This 1 year of blogging have taught me many lesson & I am extremely proud that BBM traffic has grown from time to time.

BBM Jan 2019

What Have I Learned & Achieved From Blogging?

1. Meet New Friends
Throughout this journey, I managed to meet or connect other fellow bloggers such as Suraya from RinggitOhRinggit, Aaron from Mr Stingy, Divvy from Dividend Magic & many others.

2. Opportunity To Earn Extra Income
I made extra money from writing, affiliation, referrals & advertising. You can checkout some of my affiliations & referrals as below :
StashAway (50% Off Their Management Fee for 6 Month)
Funding Societies (Me & You both Earn RM50 Upon Sign Up with RM1000 Investment)
Fundaztic (Me & You both Earn RM50 upon account verification *While Stock Last / PROMO CODE : BBM019 Upon Check Out & you will receive RM50 Bonus)

Owl Shake

Why Should You Blog?

1. Earn Extra Income
There are various opportunities for you to earn money via blogging. As you can see above, BBM source of income is from affiliations, referrals & advertising. It’s not that hard especially now you have your most reliable friend Google to help you on this.

Google My Friend

2. Flexible Time & It Does Not Require Much Time
Most of the bloggers around are part time bloggers. Personally I am doing this on a part time basis in addition to working my 9-5 job & running my gym. I usually spend around 2-3 hours a week writing my blog. You can work at your own pace & blog whenever you feel like writing.

3. Opportunity To Expand Your Network
You are able to meet more people from events or other occasions as well. It depends on what category you plan to blog about. Example, some lifestyle bloggers are able to attend some fashion events or food bloggers are paid or invited to review some restaurants.

Wassup Brader

4. It’s Fun
Sharing your thoughts can be a fun thing to do ONLY if it’s good thoughts :). I enjoy blogging when I know that I’m able to share my knowledge & experience to my readers out there.

Black Belt Millionaire Tips To Be A Better Blogger

1. Keep Content Fun & Insightful
Blogging on Personal Finance, Investment & Personal Improvement can be a bit boring to many people. I will always try to make it fun by adding GIF, Memes to entertain while sharing some useful information to my readers. If you are a food or lifestyle blogger, a nice picture will definitely help.

Fat Fun

2. Be Different
There are millions of bloggers out there. What makes you special & different from others? What are the values that you are able to add to your readers? Those were the exact questions I asked myself when I started BBM. I personally know that I am not the best writer out there but I try to be different by bringing a gimmick to my blog. I think it’s important to ask this question to yourself.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Fail
To be honest, this is my second blog that I have written. Many years back, I started a Food Blog which I wrote about list of food or restaurant you shouldn’t go. LOL. It was niche but I failed that blog badly. Overall the blog was bad & I’m not the best photographer. Many years later, I started BBM & I think it is so much better than my old blog.

Dont Be Afraid To Be Amazing

4. Be Consistent
This is something really important. There are many good bloggers out there but I realized that consistency plays an important role to maintain your readers. I used to published 3 posts a month but this year, I am publishing 1 post a week.

5. Plan Your Post Ahead
As for now, I have around 13 posts scheduled to be published. Maybe it’s just me but I do freak out if I don’t write any post on weekend. On average, I spend 2-3 hours a week to maintain & write my next post. It’s not that hard. I honestly think it’s good to plan your post ahead since you are able to write at your own pace & not worrying that you have no post by next week.

Joker Plan

6. No Content To Write. Are You Sure?
This freaks me out too. I will always have headache to think about what to write. It happens sometimes but all you have to do is think hard or seek inspiration to write it. There are plenty of post that I did not managed to finished due to less idea but it’s okay. You just have to start all over again with a new topic.

7. Be Yourself
To some people that know me personally, they know that the way I write is exactly like how I speak. LOL. I do check on my grammar error but my main focus will be ensuring my readers are entertained & to ensure that they learn something new. Don’t worry about your writing skill. Just let the ideas flow & your finger will keep typing until the end of your post.

Bruce Type

8. Be Genuine. Preach What You Write
I personally believe that you should preach what you write. As a personal finance & investment blogger, I do invest or practice what I write. If you have read some of my past articles about Robo-Advisor or P2P Financing, those platforms are exactly the platform I use to invest my money in. If you are looking to start your own blog, it’s important to only recommend those product you are using or those habits you apply in your daily life.

Conclusion :

There are so many things that I have learned throughout my 1 year of starting BBM. When I started BBM, I’m not sure if this blog will last as long as my previous blog but as for now, I am still actively writing & growing this blog. Some of you may ask, why do I choose to remain anonymous even among my friends & family? Some of them already know who I am but I still choose to remain anonymous to create some suspense to all of you. LOL. It’s similar to Professional Wrestling Lucha Libre where the wrestlers will hide themselves behind their mask.

Rey Lucha.gif

As for now, there are lots of room to improve my blog & I am constantly exploring the method to improve it. There are more ways to improve my blog traffic & if you have any idea on how to improve my traffic, do shoot me a message & I am more than happy to learn it. My writing skill & topics can be improve as well & please give me a feedback if you have any.

Writing my blog is really an awesome experience for me & it has open many doors & opportunities for me. Some of my upcoming projects will be a podcast that my co-host & I will be talking about Financial & Daily Habits. Thank you for supporting BBM & I do look forward for more awesome journey with all of you.

Stay Tuned!



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