10 Easy Ways To Make Extra Money in Malaysia

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With the rise of cost of living, many people are struggling or looking for options to earn extra money to sustain their standard of living. In fact, most Malaysians are actually struggling especially for Fresh Grads. Imagine starting to work with your salary & you still have to pay your PTPTN loan.

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Many many many many years ago, a single breadwinner in the family are able to feed a family. Today, even a married couple are struggling to sustain themselves & they spend most of their savings paying debts or sustaining their current lifestyle. Is Malaysia an expensive country to live in or is it our spending habits that are causing us to have tight budget?

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So What Can You Do To Earn Extra Money?

1. Blogging
There are few ways a Blogger can make money. It can be from Advertising, Affiliate Marketing or Collaboration to Promote other Businesses. There are many other ways for Bloggers to earn money as well. There are no guarantee on how much you can earn but consistency & creating quality content will definitely help you to grow your blog.

2. Teaching Course (Online or Face to Face)
Teaching courses can either be from Traditional Tuition that some of you may have experience by teaching or by being a student. You can always consider becoming a Private Tutor or teaching a group of students if you are an expert in those subjects. You can consider teaching fitness class too. Or if you are unfamiliar with any subject, why not create your own Course & teaching it online via Platform such as Udemy?

3. Be a Grab Driver
This is one of the famous option among Malaysians & some even do it Full Time. I’ve spoken to many Grab drivers before & those full timers are able to earn up to RM8000 a month. As for the part time drivers, some of them are using it fund their car loan repayment.

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4. Be an Influencer
Nowadays, there are many Influencer / Key Opinion Leader (KOL). They are using platform such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & many other platforms to promote Products or Services. Of course you need to have a certain amount of Followers in order for you to engage those businesses to collaborate with you.

5. Investment
Yes. Investment can be one of the options for you to earn extra money. The good news is, you dont even need a huge amount of money to start investing. You can refer my old post on What Can You Invest with RM1000 for more detail.

6. Get a Part Time Job
Maybe this is something that we used to do when we are young. There are a list of jobs that you are able work during your off day or after work such as working in a restaurant, cafe, events or many others. You can earn money & expand your network too.

7. Start Your Own Business
Today there are many people that actually start their online business & promoting it via various platform such as Shopee, Facebook & many others. Aside from online business, you may also consider other traditional business such as baking (if you are good at it) or other business.

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8. Get a Freelance Job
It really goes back to your expertise & what you are really good at. If you are a good writer, you may want to consider taking up Freelance Writing. There are many other platforms that you can get Freelance Job such as Fiverr or Freelancer.

9. Rent Your Room or House
There are few ways for you to rent your room or house. Of course with the current trend, many people prefer the rent their unit using AirBNB. But you can still consider going back to the traditional way with online advertising via Malaysian property website or engaging Real Estate Agent.

10. Invest in Yourself
Why invest in yourself? This is something that I find to be the most important of all. This process may take slightly longer compared to others but I believe that Investing in Yourself will help you in the long run. You can read my previous post on this topic HERE.

Conclusion :

When we assume it is hard to earn extra income, look at the above list. There are so many opportunity for us to grow our income IF we are willing to commit some extra time & put effort in it.

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We have 24 hours a day so there are more than enough time to do something extra to earn extra money. Take a closer look at your daily activity, do you spend some extra time on Social Media or YouTube? Those time can be reduced & you can take those time to generate extra income for yourself. To make extra money or not, it really depends on how much you really want it. As always, I wish you all the best Grasshoppa.

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