About Me

Hmmm….. Where to start?

Im a Retired Professional Fighter & Martial Art Enthusiast with a 9-5 office job. Since young, I have a dream to achieve Financial Freedom at early age so I try to seek various method to generate more income from direct selling to investing. Many trial & error in my early age & I realized that my expenses have increased along with my salary. Sounds familiar? The more I earn the more I spend.

Chasing MONEY is a really hard WORKOUT as my fixed salary will be GONE within my first 2 weeks. After many years of facing such situation, I finally decide to look into my salary & expenses to spot if there is any loophole where I can save my money & grow my money.

What makes an “AHA!” moment for me is when I stumbled across an article that discuss about letting MONEY work for us instead of us working for them. So I started to explore further & read more article that relates to Investment. That is where my journey to Financial Freedom began.

I started off by investing in Mutual Fund followed by Property. Later on, I started to invest in Gold, Stocks, Private Equity & recently P2P Financing. After many years of over spending, right now I am practicing a frugal lifestyle & focus on growing my money by diversifying it into my Financial Freedom Portfolio.

I am honored to welcome you to my Financial Freedom Adventure & I hope you are able to join me on this exciting journey. Hopefully in few years down the road, we are able to sip our favorite drink on our own private beach 🙂

Think Big & Dream Big. Lets Make Things Happen Together.