My 2nd Year of Blogging. What Went Well & What Can I Do Better?

Hello Grasshoppa,

Fast forward 2020, BBM has achieved our 2nd year anniversary. To be honest, the journey has not been easy especially when it comes to coming up with content ideas & to ensure consistency in writing my blog when I’m on holiday, business travel & even when I’m sick. There are times where I need to write a few posts in advance especially during those times when I am extremely busy with work. Many people think that blogging is easy but maintaining it & ensuring new content is a challenge.

BBM 2 Years

For some reason, I rarely keep track of my Google Analytics since I am able to have a view on my WordPress as well but I am pleasantly surprised to see the amount of traffic after 2 years. Based on my 2019 analytics, I am able to have 434,536 with 52,694 users. The result is definitely satisfying with the hard work that I have put in.

2019 Overview (Google Analytics)


2018 Overview (Google Analytics)


Comparing my 2019 posting frequency vs 2018 posting frequency, I have increased my post from 3 posts a month to 1 post a week. Also, we have launched our pilot podcast called Black Belt Money & Habits Podcast.

What Went Well?

1. Increased of Income
My goal when I launched BBM is to reach out to as many audience as possible & I did spend some money on advertising but with your support by using my referral code for platform such as StashAway, Fundaztic, Funding Society, & BigPay, I am able to generate some income. My collaboration with other media such as SushiVid & Nuffnang have also helped on my income.

Second Year Of Blogging

2. Reaching Bigger Crowd
Thanks to your support & sharing, BBM is able to reach more audience. I sincerely hope that my writings are able to benefit all of you. PS : I’m on YouTube recently as part of MyPF PodCat.

3. Expanding My Network
My network circle is also getting bigger. I was invited to multiple personal finance / investment events which I did skip some of it as I am based in Penang & work commitments. When I started blogging, I was very shy to tell people that I am the person behind BBM. I don’t even dare to tell anyone including my friends or family. Nowadays, I would get random people asking me if I am the person behind BBM. Really glad to have all of you to support my journey.

What Can I Do Better?

1. BBMH Podcast
Really grateful to have my mentor to support me with the podcast journey. Both of us are pretty busy with our career & we try to our best to spend as much time as possible on the podcast. I am an awkward person when it comes to microphone or video camera but this is the skill that I do look forward to improve further.

We Can Do Better In Podcast

2. Better Quality Content
Sometimes it is hard to come out with content on a weekly basis. I have to squeeze my brain juice to think of what to write. Even when I have a long list of things to write, it is very hard to write it sometimes. My promise to you is to ensure that my writings are able to benefit you in one way or another. As what I always mention, BBM is created to share on personal finance & investment to a bigger crowd.

3. Engagement With You
I realized that sometimes I do miss out on some of your comments or DMs. I promise that I will reply to you as quickly as possible. Sorry if I missed out your comments or DMs again. This will definitely be improved on.

Talk To BBM

Conclusion :

My 2nd year of writing a blog is definitely challenging especially when it comes to consistency. There are times that I struggle to do this but your support has helped me to keep going no matter how hard it is. You guys mean a lot to me & I would like to say thank you again for supporting me in all ways. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to me.

You can also read my previous post on my 1st year of blogging & how to earn money from blogging.

BBM Thank You For Second Year


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