My Thoughts On Boost E-Wallet Recent Update. Is It Still Worth It?

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Recently I was caught off guard with the latest upgrade of Boost E-Wallet due to my overseas trip. The change was a surprised to me although I have seen some news about it but I thought it was just an additional “enhancement” on top of their existing cashback system. I only found out about the update when I was unable to find their cashback shake reward after I paid my bills.

Boost E-Wallet Changes

What Are The Recent Changes Of Boost E-Wallet?

My initial thought was, I definitely prefer their old Shake Reward cashback system as I may get back around RM0.20-RM2 cashback for each transaction. So it is on the spot cashback reward whenever I have transaction. It will be even more beneficial & rewarding especially I am linking Boost to Fave as I am able to earn double cashback from both Boost & Fave. But I can forget it for now as the on the spot cashback from Boost is no longer valid with the new changes. Based on their FB page on the latest update, it is still possible to earn cashback in addition to the coins but I have yet to receive any.

Boost recent changes include some new feature such as BoostUp which is a new upgraded Shake Reward where you are able to get Boost Coins to redeem rewards such as Cashback, Gift Cards, Vouchers, Gadgets & Others.

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They have also introduced other benefits such as 4 levels of Boostie. Your level is based on the amount of transactions made & the amount of money spent by you. As for now, I am a level 3 Boostie with 9 transactions and RM341.85 spending. Based on the FAQ, your level may drop if your transaction & spending do not meet the minimum milestone. I guess in order for me to reach level 4, I have to have a minimum of 10 transactions with an average spending of RM400 within 30 days. Also, take note that your Coins have an expiry date which means that you will need to maximize you spending & redeem it before the dateline. So, if you plan to redeem a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ for 168,000 Coins, you need to spend with Boost as much as possible. It may be impossible for some of us.

Another benefit of achieving each level is extra Boost Coins with the amount you spend & they also provide higher % of cashback or extra Boost Coins from Shake Reward. The higher your level, the more cashback or Coins you earn.


Is Boost Still My Preferred E-Wallet?

It may be too early to tell as I just started to use it for around 1 week. But as for now, I am torn between Grab & Boost if the merchant does not have FavePay. My preferred will definitely be FavePay as they have cashback & BigPoint for each transaction.

Honestly I miss previous Boost Shake Reward as they were offering immediate cashback after each transaction although the amount varies. Currently, in order for me to get RM2 cashback, I need to have 210 Boost Coins which means that I need to spend around RM100-RM200 if I calculate based on 1 Boost Coin for every RM1 spent + additional Shake Rewards. But as mentioned above, it is still too early to tell as they may offer more benefits or rewards in the future.

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