How Am I Surviving The Movement Control Order (MCO)

Hello Grasshoppa,

It has been so many days since I last stepped into my office or gym. I barely got out of my home due to the Covid-19 situation. Guess this is the time where we can sit at home & reflect what  we have really been doing in the past & plan for our future moving forward.

Perhaps, being home for two weeks isn’t really that bad?

Wash Hand Covid19

My daily routine before the Movement Control Order (MCO) involves working, training, sleeping & repeat the entire cycle. Usually I’ll leave my house early in the morning & I’ll be back home after 10.30pm daily. My time at home usually is only for me to sleep or catch up on some short YouTube videos to end my day. In other words, I barely have much time to self reflect.

To say that it is a good thing for MCO to happen may not be right because it is affecting the lives of many & businesses including mine. But, it may be a good thing for us to do our part to prevent the spread of the disease. Remember, just stay home Grasshoppa.

You can use these two weeks to self reflect on your life thus far, spend precious time with your loved ones and even invest in yourselves by signing up for online courses. I, for one, will be taking this time to resume my reading that I have been putting of for awhile.  Alternatively, you may consider taking up some online courses via Udemy as well.

Toilet Paper vs Covid19

To some people, they feel the need to workout as this is part of their daily routine. Trust me, I feel exactly the same. My teammates & I are feeling it, but is not training a bad thing for us? Many of us are having existing injuries that are bothering us for ages but we still train because we refuse to stop. Since we are forced to stop, take this time to heal up & spend some time to sharpen all the basic skills that we have. For me, I am doing YogaForBJJ as part of my daily routine & drilling some basics from John Danaher free instructional that he designed for this period. Just by watching his instructional, I realized my basic understanding of BJJ may only be at a White Belt level. My expectation is, to be more flexible after this 2 weeks & improve my basic skill set. If Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is not your thing but you still wish to workout, there are plenty of workouts you can find on YouTube that can help you. 15-45 minutes workout is good enough for a start.

Malaysia Lockdown

For those who are working from home, you may feel that your work is more than usual. I feel exactly the same. My 9-5 job is getting more hectic in a way with increased of demand & more coordination to be done. It involves sitting in front of my laptop from 8.30am to 8pm daily. I get to cook in between & maybe sneak a bit of time reading some books. I have never cooked this much even when I was on a clean diet before. Nowadays, my daily stress when cooking is what to cook tomorrow and the following day.

This is also a good time to spend time with your loved ones. Plan some activities with them & take this time to bond with them. Interaction games such as card games, or monopoly will be a great start. You may also opt to use WhatsApp video call or even Zoom to interact with your friends & loved ones. For those who never have time to play games & wish to do it, this is the best time. LOL. Whether you are alone or with your family, just make sure you have fun & do the things you enjoy.

Wash Your Hand Grasshoppa

Times are tough. For many of us, we have been through multiple situations in our life & this is one of it. It is definitely not easy for all of us to go through this & have so much worry on whether our loved ones or people around us are fine. But this situation is uncontrollable to us. Rather than us focusing on what we can’t control, let’s start by focusing on what we can. We must practice social distancing from now until this is over and we should support each other by keeping in touch with each other. We will get through this together. As for now, let’s stay home & do our part until this is over. And remember….. WASH YOUR HANDS GRASSHOPPA.

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