Best Financial Comparison Websites In Malaysia

Looking for Financial Comparison Websites in Malaysia? Below are some of my recommended websites for the ‘Best Financial Comparison Websites’ in Malaysia.

Financial Comparison Websites

1. iMoney
This is definitely the most comprehensive Financial Comparison Websites with the extra feature on Investment. They have some exciting Calculator you can explore as well. 

2. RinggitPlus
Their homepage have everything including Blogs & Promotions. Aside from comparing some of their Financial Product, you can visit their website for the latest Promotion, Cashback Offers & Deals.

3. GoBear
It is simple & catchy. When you go to their Product Section, they will be featuring the Product, Featured Deal, Exclusive Deal & Blog for simple reference.

4. CompareHero
Straightforward & they have Login section where you can track your Credit Card, Personal Loan & Broadband application status. The only Financial Product Comparison that are missing from this website is Insurance.

5. BBazaar  
I find their site to be very detailed especially when you scroll to the lowest section where you can see more detail on what type of loan, credit card & others. The best part of all, they are funded by Amazon, Sequoia & many others.

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