Best Investment & Personal Finance Websites In Malaysia

Looking for more websites that you can refer on Investment & Personal Finance? Below are some of my recommended websites for the ‘Best Investment & Personal Finance Websites’ in Malaysia.

Investment & Personal Finance Websites :

1. The Fifth Person
This is one of my favorite website especially on their analysis on Public Listed Companies. You can checkout some of their detailed Analysis on Stocks & REIT.

2. Zuu online
Although it is a Singapore based Personal Finance Website, they have some really exciting article that you can refer to. It will definitely entertain & educate you at the same time.

3. KC Lau
When you ask your friend which Personal Finance Blog you can refer, they will usually recommend you One of the earliest Personal Finance Blogger in Malaysia, he is currently focusing on Webminar & other Online Courses where he featured some of the Best Financial Guru in Malaysia.

4. iMoney
iMoney have some of the best articles on Personal Finance. This can be your daily website to refer for more reference on Personal Finance. Their Infographic is something you can look forward to.

5. MyPF
According to their website, MyPF is the short form for My Personal Finances. This is quite a complete website to refer if you are serious about Investing. They have Premier Access where you can get Unlimited Consultation & many other benefits.

6. RinggitPlus
One of the thing that caught my eye when I go to their Blog is, they mentioned that “Personal Finance doesn’t have to be boring.” That’s true. They have some really exciting article that you can read such as this article on Credit Card.

7. CompareHero
This is a must read Personal Finance Website. They have a really creative team to write such interesting article on World Cup. Also if you have no idea on how to ask your Money back, you can refer to this article.

8. Majalah Labur 
This is a good personal finance & investment platform that are catering for crowd that can read in Bahasa Malaysia. They even have a platform that teach you how to invest in stocks.

9. Pakar Wang

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