Best Investment & Personal Finance Blogs In Malaysia

Looking for more blogs that you can refer on Investment & Personal Finance? Below are some of my recommended websites for the ‘Best Investment & Personal Finance Blogs’ in Malaysia.

Investment & Personal Finance Blogs :

1. Ringgit Oh Ringgit
A Minimalist Financial Blogger that practices a frugal living. Aside from writing Personal Finance Blog, she is also a Content Creator & Management Specialist. She’s definitely one of the most exciting Personal Finance Blogger in Malaysia.

2. Ariff Shah
This blog is written in Malay. A business owner, father & husband where he writes about Personal Finance & Travelling at the same time. Isnt that a life that most of us wish for? His blog features some of his Personal Investment Portfolio & some travelling tips.

3. Mr Stingy 
And Yes…. His name says it all…. He’s stingy but Im not sure if he is now. I find his Start Post to be really funny especially when he mentioned that he wants to be a Dating Guru. LOL. Jokes aside, he is also a contributor for multiple websites such as SAYS, iMoney & many more.

4. 1-Million-Dollar-Blog (1MDB) 
LOL. Im not sure if the author came out with the 1MDB name by accident or its because of the high controversial 1MDB. If you are interested in Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB) or Initial Public Offering (IPO), you should checkout this blog for more details.

5. Dividend Magic 
One thing I like about Dividend Magic is, he focuses mainly on stocks that pays dividend. As the shareholder of public listed company, is it important for us to receive dividend from the company we invest in. The most exciting part is, it only took him 3 years to grow his portfolio from RM10,000 to RM345,955.92.

6. Lyn Speaks 
Another Minimalist Financial Blogger on my list. Her blog features some of her Personal Finance tips & also tips of being a Minimalist.

7. Malaysia Young Investor
Born in 1993, he started to invest in stocks at the age of 21. His blog features some of the best tips for stocks investing. Want to learn how to invest in stocks? You can refer to his blog to learn more.

8. World BizWeek
What I like about his blog is, he is quite detail when it comes to his post. In each post, you are able to get abit of idea on his investment belief. It is basic & its definitely doable by all of us.

9. Your Finance Doctor 
A Licensed Financial Advisor with Engineer background. Aside from blogging, he is offering consultation service for Financial Planning, Insurance, Will & many more.

10. A Million Reason
A monthly update on his personal investment & his journey to Financial Freedom. Part of his portfolio includes investment in Malaysia, Singapore & USA.

11. The Money Magnet
A stay at home mum with huge passion on Personal Finance. 1 thing I enjoyed about her blog is her personal approach towards finance & how she manages her money.

12. Finance Malaysia
He’s been active on his blog since 2008. Very very long for a Financial Blogger. Short, simple & it’s easy to understand by readers who are interested in Investment & Personal Finance.

13. NextTrade
If you are into technical analysis & Malaysia stocks, this is the blog that you should check out. It’s short & sweet but it might be abit complicated for people that dont understand about technical analysis.

14. D.K. Waye aka Financial Friday
Wondering who is behind Financial Friday Instagram? Blogger since 2011, Waye was also a freelance writer for Vulcan Post. Her How To Budget Post is definitely a read especially if you are a student.

15. I’m Funemployed
A freelance content writer, a digital marketing consultant & a math tutor. It’s a skill that links to Investment & Personal Finance Blog. If you like PINK & Stocks Investment, do checkout her blog or Facebook.

16. The Stockmonger
A Young Engineer that got inspired by Robert Kiyosaki’s Book, Rich Dad Poor Dad & by Dividend Magic. You can checkout his Investment Portfolio HERE for more detail on his Portfolio.

17. Ringgit Genie 
What if a Genie really exist & can grant you 3 wishes? What would it be? Ringgit Genie is a lawyer & a personal finance blogger that are focusing on personal finance & lifestyle.

18. Mr & Mrs Money
I”m sure we have watched Mr & Mrs Smith starring Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie. Now it’s time to hear from the Money couple. Follow their journey are they are looking to achieve Financial Independence.

19. Koon Yew Yin 
A business veteran that share his thoughts on stock investment. If you are keen to learn on stock investment, this is a good read for you.

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