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How Can You Have Better Odds in the World of Investment? The Answer is by Reading & Learning from the Best Investment Gurus in the World. Below are some of My Recommended Books to Expand Your Knowledge in the World of Investment.

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1. Beating the Street by Peter Lynch
One of my Few Favorite Investment Books. Peter Lynch is a former Mutual Fund Manager & his Average Annual Return for his Magellan Fund is 29.2%. In this book, he will be sharing some insights on How to Build Your Investment Portfolio & be an Expert in it.

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2. One Up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch
Many people claimed that its hard to Invest in Stocks because they know nothing about it. Peter Lynch is here to Prove to you that Investment Opportunity is Everywhere. The Opportunity is there even when you are Shopping for your Clothes or Groceries. Curious to know more? Get It Now.

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3. Learn to Earn by Peter Lynch
The Author shares some detail on How he Manage his Mutual Fund Portfolio & his Experience on deciding which Stocks to Purchase. This book also offers the Shortest Financial Report Course to Enhance your Skill in Reading any Financial Report.

This is the book that made Warren Buffett one of the Richest Man in the World. Early in his Investment Career, Warren claimed that his Investment Style is 85% Benjamin Graham. This is a Must Have if you are Keen to Learn on Value Investing.

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First 100 page of this Book is all about Stock Chart Pattern where you can learn some Basic on Technical Analysis. He will be Introducing his Signature CAN SLIM Strategy to Guide you on How to Select a High Quality Stock.

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6. Winning in the Game of Stocks by Adam Khoo

This Book is a Basic Introduction in World of Stocks. The Author, Adam Khoo is a Self Made Millionaire & he Achieved his Millionaire status at age 27. Aside from Book Writing, he spends most his time Educating People on Stock Investment. If you Love to have a Glimpse on How Stock Investment Works, this is the Book for You.

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This Book is a Recommendation by Warren Buffett himself. The Author, John Bogle is the Founder of the World Biggest Mutual Fund Company Vanguard & the Creator of First Index Fund. In this Book, he will be sharing his thoughts on Building Your Portfolio & a Proven Strategy for a Better Investment Return.


Figuring out a Way to Access the Mind of Warren Buffett? You can do it now by Reading this Book. This Book features Annual Letter from Warren Buffett to his Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder where he will be Sharing his Wisdom on Investing, Finance & Leadership.

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9. A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton G. Malkiel
This Book can be considered a Modern & Simplified Version of The Intelligent Investor. Easy to Understand by Beginner & the Author will be sharing some Tips to Build Your Portfolio with ETF or Mutual Fund.

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When you have Multiple Gurus sharing their Fundamental Techniques of Value Investing and their Application, You Are In For a Treat. My Recommendation are to Read The Intelligent Investor first so you can understand on the Basic of Value Investing before you Read this Book.

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Before Warren Buffett became a Legend, there is another man by the name of Jesse Livermore. Started trading at a Bucket Shop at age 14, he then got banned from several Bucket Shop after earning too much from them. He moved on to New York where he Started to Trade in Real Stock Exchange. This book is Entertaining & I guarantee that you will loved it.

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This Book Features some of the Author Case Studies & How can you take Advantage of a Company that are having a Spin-Off, Restructuring, Merger & other Different Situation. You will certainly Learn something New by just Reading this Book.

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Curious to know What is High Frequency Trading? Read this book. You will learn more about Dark Pools & How High Frequency Trading Works. Most Interesting Part of all, you will Learn How Milliseconds will Affect the Stock Market.

14. A Man Of All Markets by Edward O. Thorp
From Las Vegas Casino to Wall Street. The Mathematics Professor have done it all. Dive in deeper in this book to know more on how Thorp did it from a Professor to Professional Gambler to a Quant Investor by using his mathematics skills.

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