Investment Podcast

My habit of listening to Podcast is when Im stuck in jam while driving to work.
All Podcast can be found via Apple Podcast or any Android Podcast App.

Here are some of the Podcast that Im listening on my Playlist :

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1. Invest like the Best

This is one of my Favorite Podcast I listened to. The host Patrick O’Shaughnessy is an Author, Avid Book Reader & Portfolio Manager. Coming from family of Investor, he is well verse in the World of Investment. Each week he will be featuring some of the best Portfolio Manager & Investor to discuss any topic that relates to Investment.

Ringgit & Sense.jpg
2. BFM : Ringgit and Sense

The only Malaysian Podcast that Im recommending here. Their Weekly Podcast feature some great tips on Finance & how can you manage your Money better. Personally, I think this Podcast should be on every Grasshoppa playlist.

3. Capital Allocators

Ted Seides is the Man that is Famously known to made a Bet with the Legendary Warren Buffett. He made a Bet where Hedge Fund Industry would outperform the S&P 500 . Humbled with his loss against Warren, he is still a Legend in the World of Hedge Fund. Aside from Investment Tips, he will be featuring some other topic that discuss about leadership. Enjoy!

Invest Like A Boss
4. Invest like a Boss

Two Buddy that Travels around the World. Aside from running Invest like a Boss Podcast, they have another Podcast that discuss about travelling called Travel like a Boss. What I like about this Podcast is both Sam & Johnny is still on their journey to Financial Freedom. Also their weekly discussion features specific topic like Mutual Fund, ETF, P2P Lending, Cryptocurrency & many other topic. Its definitely a Good Podcast to Expand Your Knowledge in the World of Investment.

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5. Motley Fool Money

Motley Fool Money main discussion is on USA Stocks. If USA stocks is something you would love to explore & learn, this is the Podcast that should be on your playlist.

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6. We Study Billionaire @ The Investors Podcast

Main topic that this Podcast usually discuss include Books & Investment. Aside from their Podcast, they have another website that are hosting Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder Meeting Trip. Definitely a Podcast that should be on your playlist if you enjoy Book Reading & Value Investing.

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7. Animal Spirits
Recently I started to listen to Animal Spirits. One thing I like about this Podcast is, it is purely focus on stocks investment in general & their view on current market.

Want to hear Black Belt Millionaire Podcast? I have recently launched a Podcast called Black Belt Money & Habits featuring my mentor Dion Ooi from World of Habits & myself. Do check our Podcast at the link HERE.