Black Belt Money & Habits Podcast EP5 – Retirement Planning feat. Wai Ken (StashAway)

Welcome to Black Belt Money & Habits Podcast Episode 5 In this episode, we will be featuring our guest who is the Country Manager of a Robo-Advisor company called StashAway, Wai Ken. Wai Ken has been in banking & finance industries for more than 10 years with companies such as Khazanah, Affin & now StashAway. […]


Why Do You Need Financial Planning?

Hello Grasshoppa, Why Do You Need Financial Planning? Coming out of huge debt many years back & still have budget issues every now & then, I personally think that financial planning is important no matter how much money you have. Common advice that we always hear from many people is as below : 1. Buy […]

What StashAway Have Taught Me About Retirement Planning

Hello Grasshoppa, Recently StashAway & BBM collaborated on their first event in Penang to share on How To Plan For Your Retirement. Over 60 people have RSVP for this event & the turnout rate is quite good for their first event in Penang. They have similar events like this in KL on weekly basis where they will […]