My Early Financial Mistake & What Should You Do To Avoid These Mistake

Hello Grasshoppa, If you read my previous post, you may come across some post where I shared briefly on the Financial mistake that I made when I started working. Aside from PTPTN Debt & Personal Loan Debt, I got myself into Credit Card Debt not once but twice. It may sound shocking to you especially […]


A Simple Guide For Financial Planning 2019

Hello Grasshoppa, Most of us may have a New Year Resolution to start our New Year. It can be from losing weight (LOL. Its the most common resolution including mine), having better financial, getting your well deserved promotion & many others. Before you continue reading, lets take some time to reflect on your 2018 Financial […]

10 Qualities Of A Great Leader At Your Work Place

Hello Grasshoppa Stuck at your work & being unhappy about your work? Being scolded by your ‘BOSS’ for something that you did wrong? Nearly everyday people will complain complain about how bad their leader is. But honestly, is your leader that bad? Here are some of the Best Qualities of a Great Leader at your […]