Black Belt Money & Habits Podcast EP5 – Retirement Planning feat. Wai Ken (StashAway)

Welcome to Black Belt Money & Habits Podcast Episode 5 In this episode, we will be featuring our guest who is the Country Manager of a Robo-Advisor company called StashAway, Wai Ken. Wai Ken has been in banking & finance industries for more than 10 years with companies such as Khazanah, Affin & now StashAway. […]


What StashAway Have Taught Me About Retirement Planning

Hello Grasshoppa, Recently StashAway & BBM collaborated on their first event in Penang to share on How To Plan For Your Retirement. Over 60 people have RSVP for this event & the turnout rate is quite good for their first event in Penang. They have similar events like this in KL on weekly basis where they will […]

Mutual Fund vs Robo-Advisor. Which Investment Is Better For You?

Hello Grasshoppa, In the past, I have some posts about Mutual Fund & Robo-Advisor but I have never made any comparison of both investments before. What are the common similarities and differences of both investment platforms? Today we will be exploring more on both investments to see which investment suits you better. As an investor, […]