How Much Can You Actually Save By Making Your Own Coffee

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When I wrote about the “Latte Factor“, I mentioned about how much money you can save from drinking coffee & other daily spending. As a coffee freak, I drink almost 2-3 cups of coffee daily from Nescafe to White Coffee to Iced Latte. As long as its coffee, I will drink it.


Yes, I feel my life is full of chaos without coffee. Brain cant function & eyes cant open without my daily dose so recently I started to invest in a Coffee Machine. I did some survey & I decided to buy Morphy Richards Coffee Maker from Harvey Norman for RM655. The Coffee Machine comes with 2 years warranty & they have option of extending the warranty under product care package.


Lets assume the Coffee Machine life cycle is 2 years.

  1. Coffee Machine Cost Per Day : RM655 / 2 years = RM0.90/day
  2. Coffee Beans : RM35.00 / 250 grams = RM0.98 / 7 grams or RM1.96 / 14 grams
  3. Good Day Fresh Milk : RM4.80 / 450 liter = RM1.60 / cup

7 grams = 1 shot of espresso & 14 grams = 2 shot of espresso. The reason I am using smaller pack of milk is to maintain its freshness. To keep the milk fresh, its best to consume within 3 days.

So How Much Does It Cost To Make Your Own Coffee?



Compare to our favorite cafe’s coffee, it is still cheaper right? Best part of all, we get to enjoy better quality & non diluted coffee. No doubt there are good coffee out there as well. You also get to enjoy the process of brewing with your own Coffee Machine. If you are a fan of black coffee, my barista friend actually recommended French Press instead. It is a cheaper option if you are a black coffee lover.

How Much Can You Save Per Day or Per Month By Doing Your Own Coffee?

If we compare coffee from Starbucks vs coffee we brew at home :

Latte3Latte2If you drink 1 cup of coffee everyday, look at how much you potentially spend at Starbucks vs how much you actually spend to brew your own coffee. Overall you get to save up to RM300 per month. That’s a lot of money we are talking about. We are able to make 3 cups of coffee at home compare to 1 cup of coffee purchased at Starbucks.


Conclusion :

There are days where we will be meeting out friends to hangout or to catch up. Cafe will be a great place to do so. But if its part of our daily habit to buy coffee at cafe, my recommendation is to brew it yourself since you are able to get the same product with the same taste. End of the day, its good to have good spending habit to plan for your future. You can use the extra money to grow your wealth & retire early or plan a good holiday.

AND…… What time is it now? Its Coffee Time.

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