How To Save Money On Your Gym Membership

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Fitness will always be most people New Year resolution & day to day we will hear our friends talk about getting fit. It can be our skinny friends wants to build their body or our unfit friends wants to lose weight. Some of our friends will be complaining that they dont have time for gym or its out of their budget. Now its time to tell them. No more excuse. They can save their money with my recommended tips & you can too.


1. Do Your Own Workout
Yes. Workout at home, ‘padang’ or your friends apartment gym. Especially, try working out at home. You might need some discipline to do it but all you have to do is search YouTube for any home workout video & just do it. Its that easy. Too lazy to search in YouTube? Lets try 100 push ups, 100 squats, 100 sit ups & 1 minute plank as a start. Or if you find it to be hard, why dont you try to jog around your housing area for 30 minute? Plugin your Spotify & you are good to go.

2.Join Free Workout Program
Its everywhere. All you have to do is search for it & you will find many people get excited over it. I know some malls have weekly Line Dancing or Zumba class for free. Some companies or community have their free workout program that you can consider too.


3.Join Free Trial
It sounds abit “cheappo” right? Some gyms are offering up to 1 week free trial. You will be surprise if you find the same people walk in to request for free trial. There are so many gyms around your area. No harm to try few free trial before you decide to sign up as member. Meanwhile, enjoy your free trial 🙂

Each gym might be offering different price for different members. Why not try your luck to get the best deal for yourself? You can bring your friends along to negotiate for a better deal.

5.Pay As You Use
Some of you sign up Annual Membership but only use the gym once a week. Why not you just pay as you use? This is something that I have been doing a lot. My preference is those no aircond body building gym where you can pay as low as RM5-RM10 per entry.

6.Always On A Look For Good Deal
Never stay loyal to a gym unless the gym are offering something that other gym does not offer. As the fitness business are competitive, you are able to get a good deal from various gym. Keep your eyes open Grasshoppa.

Conclusion :

Working out should be part of your daily or weekly habit. Not only it helps you to stay fit, it helps you to be happier too. Make it a habit & you will be addicted to it once you have the result that you desire. Results dont come unless you work hard for it. The more effort you put, the faster you see the result. TIME TO WORKOUT NOW!!!!



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