Is This The End of Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrency?

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Is Cyryptocurrency a Bubble? Did Bitcoin takes a rocket ship up then jumps off with no parachute? Whenever we are on our favorite Social Media, we will see a “Sponsored Ad” that talks about Bitcoin. Or we will have our long lost friend that never “JIO” you for anything but suddenly he wants to “JIO” you to Invest because he wants to help you to get rich.


Lets look at the recent Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrency latest Price Chart :


In this topic, we will be discussing on what makes Cyrptocurrency a Bubble or Digital Currency.

1. What drives the price up?

Due to many speculator wants to participate in the “Bitcoin Fever”, it actually helps to drive the price up with the high demand but lesser supply.

2. What can you buy with Bitcoin or other Crypto?

Two Pizzas? Yes its true. In 2010, a Developer bought 2 Pizza with 10,000 Bitcoins. Today that 10,000 Bitcoin worth over Hundreds of Millions. But seriously, what can you really buy with Bitcoin? Think about it.

3. Why Other Country are Attempting to Curb Crytocurrency?

Countries like China & Korea have attempted to block access of any International Cryptocurrency Exchanges & China is working hard to drive Bitcoin Miners Community out.

4. What is their Rate of Return?

In stocks we have dividend, real estate we have rent, bond we have coupon. What is Bitcoin rate of return? The answer is 0.

5. Any Bitcoin Billionaire on Forbes list of Billionaires yet?

Perhaps they have but based on my checking, there are actually no Bitcoin Billionaire yet on Forbes list of Billionaires. Market Cap for Bitcoin is around USD130 Billion. They might have some low profile Billionaire hiding somewhere. Am I right Mr Satoshi?

To all my fellow Grasshoppa, its time to move on & get rich with other Investment.


Is Cryptocurrency a Bubble or Digital Currency? If you are part of the “Bitcoin Fever”, do you actually know what are you buying?

CaptureIf we look back at some of our Past Bubble History, Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrency might be another Bubble. It might burst but we dont know when. Time will tell.

Bonus Topic!!!!

Back to our long lost friend that never “JIO” us for anything. Now he wants to make you rich because he felt guilty that he never “JIO” you for any outing. Recently there is many “Company” that are offering Bitcoin Seminar to Guide You on How to Invest in Bitcoin? Great! Are you sure its real? According to some source, you are able to invest with only RM200. But Bitcoin price is more than RM200. I think some “INVESTMENT” might too good to be true so I hope you be can aware of this & dont throw your hard earned money to some scammers. Remember Grasshoppa, Money dont fall like that.  giphy-downsized.gif


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