My Recent Encounter With An Investment Scammer

Hello Grasshoppa,

Recently I stumbled across an attractive investment opportunity via Facebook. The investment catch seems to be too attractive to be true that I took some initiatives to approach this man to further investigate on the details with hopes that I could expose him in a way.

Last message from him was :

Scam In Malaysia

Let’s rewind back to a few hours ago on how this conversation started.

How Scammer Works

After seeing this post, I wanted to get more details from him so that I can expose him & make a police report towards his scam so I started to message him via Facebook. Below is our conversation : (Warning it is quite a long conversation that I had with this scammer)

After that last message, I made a call to Bank Negara Hotline 1300-88-4545 to report this case & sent an email to to report on the case with the above proof. I asked BNM what is the next course of action they will take which they mentioned that they will do investigate from their end & list this company or individual under their alert list. Since I am not the victim, I am not eligible to make police report for this case.

Malaysian Scammer

Remember my previous post on How To Spot An Investment Scam In Malaysia? I have listed some warning signs for your reference. We can take this case to cross reference if this scam hits all the warning I listed previously.

1. Guaranteed High Yield Return & No Risk 
Honestly I am shocked with this return. With compounding interest, I will be billionaire in no time. If his trading skill is that good, he should be the richest man in Malaysia not Robert Kuok. LOL.

2. No Proof of Investment or Non Reliable Proof 
Is it even a solid proof of investment or reliable prove with detail as below? As an investor, do you care who even invested with you or do you care more on where will your money be invested on?

3. Not endorsed by Bank Negara or Securities Commission 
Will you actually trust your money to someone that you barely know who is not certified financial planner? Best part of all, the money must be deposited to a bakery company. That’s insane to trust such scam.

4. They Pressure You Into Making Quick Decision 
Yes they pressure you. For this case, he actually called me a time wasting cunt as well. It sounded like a scam from the beginning.

Scam In Malaysia

Still not convinced that it’s a scam? You can also checkout below link for more detail on his past scam :

2012 : Low Yat Forum
2017 : Police nab fraudster selling non-existent phones

Scammer in Malaysia

Or you can Google his real name by searching “Lee Chee Kiong scam” for more details on his scam.

Conclusion :

I am posting this post with hopes that many people can be aware of such scams. It is a pretty common scam that is used to bait people. Before you trust anyone or make such investment, I hope you will can do a detailed study before you decide to invest. Those scammers will do their best to convince you on their legitimacy but you should always do your studies. Never allow their pressure or sweet talk to convince you to invest your hard earned money. Please help to share this out to create more public awareness on such scams. Thank you in advance for your help.



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