Black Belt Money & Habits Podcast EP3 – Credit Card Habits

Welcome to Black Belt Money & Habits Podcast Episode 3 In this episode, we will be discussing about our credit card habits. Both of us used to struggle with credit card debts & it took us years to clear off our debts. What are the tips & tricks to spend wisely with credit cards. Is […]


3 Must-Know Tips To Select The Best Credit Card

Hello Grasshoppa, Many years back I recalled when I applied for Credit Card, I have no idea on which Credit Card to apply & what are the fees or hidden fees of each card. I have no idea on the Credit Card benefits too. All I did was going to the bank & informing them […]

Is It Possible To Go Cashless In Malaysia?

Hello Grasshoppa, Is it possible to go cashless in Malaysia? This is a trend that I heard coming from country like China where they use mainly mobile app to make payment for any type of transactions whether its food, transportation, parking or anything. Can Malaysia move towards such trend as well? Recently I have discovered […]