How To Maximize Your BigPay Card & Other E-Wallet To Collect Points & Cashback

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With my earlier post on “Is it Possible to go Cashless in Malaysia” & my discovery of BigPay, I have moved on & learn more hacks to collect more points & obtain cashback at the same time. With this discovery, not only am I able to collect more BIG Points but I am able to obtain double cashback from other E-Wallets such as Fave & Boost.

As per my last checking, there are more than 30 E-Wallet companies in Malaysia & currently they compete against each other to gain market share just like how Grab vs Uber previously. Surprisingly some even work closely with each other to compliment each other strengths. This definitely benefit us as consumers 🙂

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What I personally like about E-Wallet is their seamless & cashless payment where I don’t need to withdraw using my own cash. That itself is pretty convincing for me but wait….. there’s actually more benefit for me to use E-Wallet especially with their cashback & point collection. I started to use BigPay few months ago & after realizing I can redeem flight ticket via Big Point, I started to transfer 90% of my credit card transaction & payment to BigPay.

Below are the list of E-Wallet that I am currently using :

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1. BigPay :

Pros : BIG Points. You can use it to collect points & redeem flight or other discount. Since it comes in form of physical card, you can actually use it in all Mastercard Merchant & overseas. They also have one of the best exchange rates with no hidden charges. You can read my full write up on BigPay HERE.

Cons : No cashback for each transaction.

RM10 spending with BigPay = 1 BIG Point

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2. Fave :

Pros : BIG Points for each transaction & additional BIG Points for Fave Deals. Each spending at their merchant will have around 1-10% cashback. Each time you are back to the same merchant, you are able to enjoy more discount. Sometimes they provide additional cashback as well based on their available campaign.

Cons : Most cashback can only be used back at the same merchant.

Purchase any FaveDeals to earn RM1 = 1 BIG Point
Transaction with FavePay to earn RM3 = 1 BIG Point

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3. Boost :

Pros : Each transaction will entitle for certain amount of cashback range from RM0.20-RM1.50. That’s the amount that I get so far but I think if you are lucky, you might able to get more.

Cons : Not much deals compare to other competitor.

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How To Maximize BigPay, Boost & Fave for More Cashback & BIG Point?

My BigPay is currently linked to my credit card & bank account. Some users actually linked their Cashback or Reward Credit Card to BigPay. What I have been doing is, I will transfer all my credit card spending such as hotels, phone bills & other bills. It’s actually the same but each spending or top up with BigPay enable me to earn BIG Point. Similar to Boost, I am linking my BigPay card to Boost. Each top up allows me to earn BIG Points. Just make sure you link your Boost to BigPay & link Fave to Boost. Sounds complicated?

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Let’s breakdown to 2 examples for your easy understanding.

Example 1 : (Earn Extra BIG Point)
Top Up RM40 for Boost with BigPay (4 Points) – Spend RM30 with Fave (10 Points) = Total 14 BIG Points

Example 2 : (Earn Extra Cashback)
Spend RM10 with Fave at any Fave Merchant (Cashback 5%) – Use Boost as your preferred payment method in Fave (RM1 Cashback) = Estimated Cashback RM1.50

*The above calculation are based on estimation & the cashback may vary depending on the Fave Merchant & Boost cashback.

Conclusion :

With my effort of going cashless, I am able to enjoy benefits such as accumulating BIG Points & save more money on my spending. Of course some of you may think that the amount may not be a lot but there’s a Malay saying “Sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit”. The cashback may be little but the accumulation may help you to save hundreds & your spending allows you to redeem flight ticket. Why not? Going cashless is not a hard process & the setup is pretty seamless.

Still Not Convinced? You can try to register for each E-Wallet & I have some code to share with you to enjoy more benefits.

1. BigPay Code (SEAMUGISHF) to get additional RM10 credit
2. FavePay Code (A1NQA) to get RM5 off your first purchase
3. Boost Code (tanrroo)



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    So which credit card do you use to top up your bigpay to maximise benefits? Many credit cards exclude cashback for ewallet reloads now.

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