So You’ve Already Achieved Your Personal Finance Milestone. What’s Next?

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While writing this post, I am currently in Koh Lipe for the 3rd time. Many years ago, I remembered coming here with a low budget on accommodation & food. I ended up staying in just an average room with limited daily budget for my daily meal. Best part of that trip was, the room does not even have a TV. LOL. I recalled that was my second trip right after I got myself out of debt & I was still struggling to keep more money.
PS : My current view while writing this post is amazing 🙂

Koh Lipe

What’s the Difference Between My Last Trip & Current Trip?

During my second trip, my budget was just enough. I did that trip anyway as part of my celebration of my milestone to settle all my outstanding debt. This trip round, it is not for any personal finance milestone celebration but it’s just that I missed this place since I last came here. Of course my current holiday is with better budget & better room too. Don’t get me wrong, I am still frugal on my spending but I have better budget on this trip.

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Do You Have Your Personal Finance Milestone?

If you don’t have, you should think of it now. It is important to have one so you can have a clearer picture & better direction. It can be from keeping as low as RM50 per month  short term & having RM50,000 in 3 years. When I started to save money, I realized keeping my first RM10,000 is a challenging task. Then when I started to keep my first RM10,000, my next RM20,000 is easier. It is similar to what many rich & successful people always say. Getting your first 1 Million is hard but when you got it, your next Million will be easier than before thanks to the Power of Compounding.

It may be hard at first but at first but the celebration is worth the motivation. I personally set my Personal Finance Milestone from Clearing Off My Debt to saving my first RM100,000. Currently I am working on my next Milestone which is ……. 🙂

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You Have Achieved Your Personal Milestone. What’s Next?

It’s related back to my 2nd trip here. After I achieved the milestone of clearing my debts, I came to Koh Lipe as a reward to myself. Although it’s on low budget, the feeling of achievement makes the trip amazing.

Hitting your Personal Milestone is an achievement & it should be set from Short Term to Long Term. Short Term can be between 1-3 years, Mid Term 3-9 years & Long Term is 10 years ++. I remembered reading a book by Napeleon Hill called Think & Grow Rich where he talked about Goal Setting. With the guidance provided in that book, I’ll note each of my Personal Finance Goal along with how will I celebrate each time I achieve each milestone. Trust me it works. You will feel satisfied each time you celebrate your Personal Finance Milestone. It can be from a holiday, dinner, gift for yourself or any form of celebration with your family.

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Conclusion :

I talked a lot about Money, Investment, Goal Setting & Personal Finance Milestone is most of my post but what is more important than all the above? I personally think that family is the most of important of all. Don’t forget to enjoy your life too. Some people tend to work too much & stressed themselves out. You can always chill & take a short breather. Take some time to spend some quality time with your family & yourself. Few trips a year may work for some of you.

My ultimate Personal Finance Goal is to retire at 40 years old while continue to write my blog from various location around the world. Koh Lipe is one of the few perfect locations I have in mind.



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