Invest In Yourself. Its The Most Powerful Investment With The Greatest Return

INVESTING in YOURSELF is one of the best tools to improve your life. It can be from learning something new or adopting a new lifestyle. What makes it the most powerful investment with the greatest return? It depends on how much effort you put in, you are able to change the quality of your life today & tomorrow.

Everyone will have their New Year Resolution or New Year Goal. Why dont you start your GOAL Setting Now? There will never be tomorrow if you dont start NOW.


You always hear people said Health is Wealth. You agree on that? We’ve seen some people that work too hard but they forgot to take care of their own health by not sleeping right. Or we noticed some of our friends that eat too much & not working out. Its time to kick the unhealthy lifestyle out from our life & start living our life healthier. Take control of your health now.
Why not start eating right or minimize your food consumption? Hit the gym & start working out for a better body. You will be surprise with the result.

2.Martial Arts

Aside from Learning How to Kickass, you are able to get some good sweat as well. Its good to know the Art of Self Defense. Who knows you might use it someday.

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What I love about Martial Arts is about the discipline & respect. It allows us to see things from different perspective & teaches us to be humble.

3.Read Books

I started my reading habit when I realized that I need to learn more & improve myself. Depending on what area you want to improve or learn, choosing the right book will help you to improve & expand your knowledge. You can start by reading 15 minutes a day & gradually increase your reading time to suit your time.

If you have no idea which book to start, you can refer to my Recommended Book.
Investment Books
Personal Finance Books
Self Development Books
Other Recommended Books

4.Listen to Podcast

Getting stuck in traffic or working out at gym? Instead of listening to Radio or Spotify, why not gain some knowledge by listening to Podcast?

Here is some of my Recommended Podcast.
Investment Podcast
Self Development Podcast

5.Pick Up Some New Skills

It can be your childhood dream to learn how to play guitar. Or it can be learning how to dance. Its never too late to learn new skills. Start to plan which skills you would love to add in your life & have fun.

6.Attend Seminar or Workshop

There are plenty of seminar or workshop all across our Country. Best part of all, some of the seminar or workshop is free. This will also give you some opportunity to expand your network & meet some new friends.

7.Online Course or Online Training

Looking to pursue your MBA online? There are online courses that enables you to earn your MBA. If you are just looking for a simple course or training, Udemy is the one for you. Some of their online courses are free. I have tried plenty of free courses & its really amazing. You should try it.

Conclusion :

Want to be the best version of yourself? SET your GOAL now. You can definitely achieve your GOAL if you put 100% effort in it. Share this with your Friends & Family & Start to Invest In Yourself NOW!


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