10 Qualities Of A Great Leader At Your Work Place

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Stuck at your work & being unhappy about your work? Being scolded by your ‘BOSS’ for something that you did wrong? Nearly everyday people will complain complain about how bad their leader is. But honestly, is your leader that bad? Here are some of the Best Qualities of a Great Leader at your work place.

  1. They Respect Your Private Time – A Great Leader will always respect your time & make sure you have sufficient time to spend with your family instead of spending too much time working after office hours.
  2. They Are Someone You Can Learn From – A Great Leader are usually a leader that is knowledgeable & able to teach you something new. It can be from work perspective or personal life.
  3. They Care About You- A Great Leader usually care about you when you have any emergency or when you fall sick. They will show interest about you just because they care.
  4. They Listen To You – A Great Leader will always listen to you. They will always hear any idea from you or listen to any of your story that you are willing to share with them.
  5. They Motivate You – A Great Leader will always motivates you on a bad day or a good day. Their job is to drive you to ensure that you stay motivated in your job & your life.
  6. They Empower You – A Great Leader will always empower you to do something more than your job. This will allow you to expose yourself to future opportunity.
  7. They Appreciate You – A Great Leader will appreciate every single effort you made & will always make you feel that you are important to the company.
  8. They Respect You – A Great Leader will always show their respect towards you no matter even if there is any misunderstanding or mistake during work. They will never raise their voice or belittle you no matter what.
  9. They Are A Visionary – A Great Leader will always envision a short term & long term goal. They have plans for the company & their team.
  10. They Focus On Teamwork – A Great Leader will always work closely as a team instead of individual. This create trust & effective work environment among the team.

Conclusion :

Its a rare case where we can find a leader that have 100% of the qualities above. The most important is, they are trying to be a better leader. As for you, the above qualities will be something you can start to practice while you embark your journey towards a leadership role. You can start by this….. wants-to-keep-employees-happy-buys-them-pizza-every-friday


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