Which Marvel Character Represents Your Investment Style?

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It seems that we are all on The Avengers Fever recently. Mentioning about the movie, I honestly think that it is the Best Movie of All Time. As we all know, each Marvel Character have different characteristics & if we made similar comparison among investors, you will notice that they have different character & investment styles too. Lets look at some of the Investors Character & which Marvel Character they represents :

Black Panther

Character : Black Panther aka The Property Tycoon
Investment Portfolio : Property
Black Panther is a character that have all sorts of technology & skills but behind the mask he is the King of Wakanda. In Marvel Universe, people think that Wakanda is a Third World Country without knowing how advanced they are. Ever notice some of our friend that drives old beat down Perodua Myvi but having more than 2 properties? They are as low profile as King T’Challa when it comes to exposing their true wealth & background.

Black Widow

Character : Black Widow aka Low Risk Taker
Investment Portfolio : Fixed Deposit, Gold
Usually this character is someone you noticed around us especially aunties that have 0 idea on investments. Most Superheros have Superpower but Black Widow have none. Similar idea to this Character, they dont need to have any investment knowledge. All they did is to keep their hard earned money & invest it in the lowest risk investment such as Fixed Deposit & Gold. Just like Black Widow, they are careful & they take no risk at all.

Captain America

Character : Captain America aka The Team Investor
Investment Portfolio : Mutual Fund, ETF
Same like Captain America where he emphasize on teamwork, The Team Investors will invest in a pool investment such as Mutual Fund & ETF. Want to know why? Because investing in a pool investment is lower risk compare to investing in individual stocks.

Doctor Strange

Character : Doctor Strange aka The Comeback Hero
Investment Portfolio : Stocks, Forex
Remember how did a bad accident turned Doctor Strange from a successful doctor to a doctor than can produce magic? The Comeback Hero might be a previous investor that invest & did poorly in the past. Now, The Comeback Hero is coming back the try his luck to invest again.

Iron Man

Character : Iron Man aka The Businessman 
Investment Portfolio : Stocks
Most of us know that Iron Man is extremely rich & he is an owner of multiple businesses. Apart from that, he is a true genius when it comes to technology. The Businessman usually owns multiple stocks aka business in their portfolio. Their genius investment strategy includes measuring the risk that they are taking, reading through the company Financial Report & thinking like the business owner of the company.


Character : Loki aka The Currency Mischief
Investment Portfolio : Forex
Isnt Forex Trading illegal in Malaysia? According to Bank Negara, it is illegal to trade foreign currency with unauthorized agent. Still The Currency Mischief will invest in it via several platforms offered by foreign company. Forex Trading is common among many of us since some of our friend might be asking us to invest in it. Now you know why Loki is called The Prince of Mischief.


Character : Thanos aka The Diversifier
Investment Portfolio : Fixed Deposit, Gold, Property, Stocks, Mutual Fund
When you watched the recent Avengers, you are aware how well planned Thanos is when it comes to strategy & how he acquired the Infinity Stones. He have a goal to achieve which is to wipe out half of the lives in the Universe. It is very similar character compare to The Diversifier except the goal to wipe out half of the lives in the Universe. LOL. The Diversifier have a Goal & Strategy on how they want to achieve their wealth & they diversify their investment to minimize their risk.

The Hulk

Character : The Hulk aka The Cyrptonites
Investment Portfolio : Cyrptocurrency
Is Cyrptocurrency the future of money? Many investors invested money in it. Some succeeded & some lost half of their investment. Many claimed that its just a bubble but many claimed its the future of currency. Too early to tell but The Cyrptonites are smashing anyone that are bearish towards the digital currency. I have covered on Cyrptocurrency few month ago. Feel free to read my view on Cyrptocurrency here.

Baby Groot

Character : Groot aka The Trend Follower
Investment Portfolio : Anything that can make money include Money Game
Since the first Guardians of the Galaxy until the recent Avengers, you will notice that Groot will always follow his buddy Rocket Racoon to anywhere & everywhere. Similar character to someone we know, The Trend Follower will be the first few to invest in the Hot Investments in the market. For them they are OK with any type of investment as long as it can generates profit for them.

Conclusion :

So which Marvel Character represents your investment style? The interesting fact about investment is, we are sharing a common goal which is to increase our wealth but the interesting part is, we are using different method that suits our investment risk. Remember Grasshoppa, “It is not how you start the race or where you are during the race. It is how you cross the finish line that will matter. – Robert D. Hales”

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