9 Tips To Go On A Budget Date But Don’t Look Like A Cheappo

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Is it possible to go on a Budget Date? I think some of us may have such thoughts in our mind whenever we go on a date. Especially for guys out there, there are some cases where some of us may want to impress the girl so we usually opt for an expensive location on our first date. There are also other cases where we actually ‘squeeze our head hard’ to think of a place where we can spend lesser while still impressing our date. Maybe I’m just representing a group of frugal guys that have similar thoughts or maybe it’s a general thoughts that many guys have.

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How Can You Go On A Budget Date But Don’t Look Like A Cheappo?

1. Visit Free Location
Locations such as Beach or Park may be a good spot for your date. Imagine a peaceful walk & cool breeze walking around while enjoying a great view. Why not?

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2. Plan Outdoor Activities
Hiking, jogging or cycling may be great activities to have a couple workout & best part of all, you can save money too. PS : Another tips to save money is to bring your own drinks too 🙂

3. Go For A Ride
Going for a car ride while sight seeing may be a fun activity to do. You can explore location such as countryside area where you can have some nature view & your cost is only your fuel.

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4. Be A Tourist
You can have fun such as taking bus ride, train ride or walking around to explore your town or city. It’s fun & it’s free.

5. Go For A Coffee Date
Put your phone aside, sit opposite your date & embrace the moment with good music in a cafe. It might cost your averagely RM25. You get to chat with your date & know them better.

6. Plan A Cooking Date
Time to show your skill to your date. You can start by grocery shopping & move on to the kitchen. Impress your date with your cooking skills & this experience is definitely enjoyable for you & your date.

Cooking Date

7. Plan A Picnic
You can either prepare your own simple meal or “tapau’ it. Enjoy the scenery around you & put on your best 7 course meal from appetizer to dessert.

8. Use Reward Card
Certain credit cards have a really good deal such as Hong Leong Card for GSC Movies & Coffee Bean Buy 1 Free 1 for Citibank Clear Card.

9. Mobile App
Mobile App such as Fave, GrabPay & WeChatPay offers reasonable deals from time to time. You can enjoy instant discount or cashback when you use those apps.

Conclusion :

Whether it’s a budget date or not, what’s most important is who is your date. If your date is someone your are into, you can just stare at your date all day even if it’s under the hot sun or heavy rain. LOL. It depends on your date comfortable level on where they would like to go & how they want to spend time with you.

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