How Much Does It Cost To Have A Girlfriend

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To some single man out there & to some man that currently In A Relationship. Have you ever calculate the Cost of Having a Girlfriend? LOL. It might sounds like a CHEAPPO to actually calculate the cost but…… have you ever thought about it? No doubt, having a girlfriend usually brings happiness to our life.

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Today, we will be exploring some of the cost of having a girlfriend. Of course this will only be estimated cost since different relationship functions differently but I will try with few different type of scenario to simulate the cost.

Lets introduce our 3 friend for each scenario :

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Just in case all of you are wondering, how did I came out with such creative name? Its actually from fellow Malaysian singer Namewee song titled “Ali,Ah Kao Dan Muthu

Our 3 scenario for each of our friend will be : 
1) Ali & his Girlfriend (Go Dutch Couple or AA Couple)
2) Ah Kao & his Girlfriend (The 70/30 Couple)
3) Muthu & his Girlfriend (The Man Will Pay All Couple)

Ali & his Girlfriend have agreement to pay for each of their own meal, Ah Kao agreement with his Girlfriend is for him to contribute 70% of the Couple expenses while Muthu agrees to pay 100% of their Couple expenses. Base on each couple scenario, you can refer below for their Estimated Expenses Per Month & Per Year.

Each couple will meet 12 times a month for a meal together & go for a movie date twice a month. They will also spend time in cafe drinking their favorite coffee & eating their favorite dessert. I have included some Miscellaneous expenses for better reference.


Since Ali is paying for his own expenses, his estimated spending is only at RM550 per month. Muthu pays for the total expenses so his total spending is double of what Ali is paying. Since Ah Kao only pays 70% of their total spending, he is paying only RM770.

If we look at their Per Year Expenses, their spending can reach up to RM13,200. As mentioned earlier, this will be base on my estimation. Different couple functions differently.

And now, each couple decide to go for holiday in Bangkok. How’s their expenses will be like?


Ali will be spending RM1820 for his Bangkok trip as he is paying only his portion while Muthu have to bare the full expenses so he needs to pay double of what Ali is paying.

Having a girlfriend brings us happiness. Happiness is definitely worth celebration. Lets look at each celebration expenses.


And of course, we dont Go Dutch or contribute 70% for the gift so the expenses for Ali, Ah Kao & Muthu is the same. As mentioned earlier, this is just my estimation. It might be more or lesser base on each couple.

Now…. How Much is the Estimated Cost of Having a Girlfriend Per Year?


Surprise with the amount????? Having a girlfriend definitely requires some expenses but what is more important? Happiness of being with your girlfriend is definitely something that we cant buy with money. So Remember Grasshoppa, Appreciate your Girlfriend & do level best to Make her Happy. 

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Disclaimer : This Post is ONLY FOR ENTERTAINMENT & REFERENCE. My calculation is base on my estimation. There is no MINIMUM & MAXIMUM amount on Couple Expenses. Different Couple Functions Differently. Some Couple spend lesser & some Couple spend more. 

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