Is 24 Hours Really Enough For Us?

Hello Grasshoppa,

We always hear that some people around us may mention that they don’t have time. It can be from working out, reading or basically just anything. Is it really an excuse or it’s because we have limited time? Come to think about it. We have 24 hours a day. That’s the fact that we cant change no matter how much we complained about it. But how do we maximize this amount of time while enjoying our standard 8 hours sleep?

Raven Chew

I have been suffering from back injuries for almost 2 years & my back have been so much better after I’ve invested almost RM5000 in total for my countless times of physio just to heal myself. After 2 years, my back is getting better & I am able to train BJJ & lift weights again. Recently I even joined a BJJ competition although I am not so proud of my performance with a Bronze & Silver Medal.

Some of you may know that aside from having my 9-5 job, I run my own martial arts gym, training & actively blogging about Personal Finance & Investment as well. How do I utilize my 24 hours while getting enough sleep?

Sweat Like No Tomorrow

Let’s look at how my typical 24 Hours is like, shall we?

Weekday : I usually wake up around 7am everyday & start working at 8.30am. There are days where I actually get up at 6am to do Yoga via YouTube. LOL. I will be having my dinner at 6pm & start my workout from 8pm-10pm. Go home to read some books & get my 8 hours sleep.

Weekend : Wakes up around 8-9am & I trained both days in the morning. I usually allocate my Saturday for my personal work such as blogging & my Sunday is for my office work.

That’s how my weekday & weekend look like. It is a pretty boring routine but I find it to be good in a way for myself as I get to work to earn money, train to be fitter, read to improve myself better while getting enough rest.

Gaya Ada

The reason why I talked about this topic is because people used to asked me, how did I manage my time? How am I able to do so many things with such short amount of time? The answer is, my motivation towards the things that I do. I’ve been working in my industry for 11 years & honestly my job does give me personal satisfaction. My passion for martial arts is unquestionable. I love it & I have been doing it as a passion & business. My passion for blogging comes from my love in sharing about investment & personal finance. Those daily task motivates me to go further & I am happy that I am able to do all of it.

Some of you may think that you have no time for this & for that. Are you really sure about it? Do you really allocate your time right or do you really abuse your time? Some people may use not enough time for excuse for not able to workout, not able to read books or not enough time just to do anything.

Busy Lah

Perhaps you should look at your daily life & try to observe how do you actually spend your time. Do you spend too much time watching Netflix, TVB Drama or surfing your Social Media? It is not wrong to do all that but does it take too much time in your life that you can’t focus on improving your life?

Life is all about choices. Some people think that life after graduation means you will stop learning or educating yourself. Working out is not an option since you are tired after work or investing is not an option since you don’t know how. Those are the choices that you made for yourself & it is not because you don’t have time. We have 24 hours a day. It is definitely more than enough if you are able to allocate it better for yourself.

If we minus 8 hours for our sleep, we have 16 hours left for the day. Minus 9 hours at work we still have additional 7 hours. Minus additional 2 hours from traffic jam, we have another 5 hours. How can we utilize those 5 hours to make our life more productive? Let’s not forget weekend where we have more than enough time since we are not working.

Weekend Ape Dance

The key is about identifying what your goal in life is & stay motivated so you are able to pursue your goal further. It can be from being fit or making more money. It can be anything as long as you know what you want & stay in the course. It is a choice where you spend less time on Netflix & Social Media to be more productive with your time. All you have to do is to make a choice on which direction you want to pursue & you can definitely do it. It may be hard initially but don’t give up.



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