The Best Investment I Have Ever Made

Hello Grasshoppa,

Have you ever thought about the best investment you ever made? Investment can be in  the form of monetary & also in the form of time where you are putting in effort to learn something new in life. Investment in terms of monetary includes growing your wealth or learning something to improve yourself further.

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Recently I had a deep thought on what is the best investment that I have ever made to improve myself further & below are the best investments I made for myself :

1. Financial Education
Despite struggling with piles of debts & bad financial management in the past, I have made the choice to learn about investment & personal finance by reading plenty of books, websites & blogs although I used to hate reading. With that effort, not only am I able to clear my debts, I am also able to generate more income via investment & plan my financial better.

You Can Checkout My Recommended Books on Personal Finance & Investment If You Are Interested To Learn More on Personal Finance & Investment.

2. Attended Free Seminars
My goal to be a better investor has led me to Beyond Insights free seminar by Kathlyn Toh & another Stocks Investment Seminar by Adam Khoo. Although I did not convert to their paid course, I learned that stock investment can be different for each investor & you need to find your comfortable way to invest as each individual may invest differently based on their investment risk tolerance & analysis. There is no right or wrong in each investment styles.

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3. My Investment Portfolio
Not all my investments are profitable & it took me awhile to learn how to invest. With the seminars & books that I read, I learned about investing by using charts, moving averages, value investing & others. I tried multiple ways during my initial stock investment & found that the best way to invest in stocks is by using value investing. Currently I am using this 11 Useful Guide for My Stocks Investment.

I also diversify my investments to investments such as P2P Financing, PRS, Robo-Advisor, Gold, Fixed Deposits & Properties. I used to own a property that I thought will do well but it took me almost 2 years to sell it off. Thank God I sold it at a good price & few years later, the value of that property is still at the price that I sold. Currently I still have another property but I got to admit, I’m not the best at property investment. My investment journey is part of my learning process & I’ve been spending years trying to improve my investment skill & knowledge.

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4. My Martial Arts Journey
My entire life has revolved around Martial Arts. I used to watch WWE since I was young & being a full time fighter has always been my dream. I am blessed to be able to compete at one of the biggest martial arts organizations in the world when I took time off from my 9-5 job to pursue my dream. I am still training on a daily basis but I stopped competing in MMA & focusing more on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Time invested in training on daily basis helps me to improve my skill further & with investment of enrolling some Online BJJ course helps me to improve my BJJ skill too.

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5. My Money Manager App
You can read more details on the app that I used to manage my money & investment HERE. It cost me ONLY RM16.90 for such a wonderful app. I find the app to  be helpful in managing my money & investments as I can know my total investments & expenses by just tapping on that app.

6. My Microsoft Surface 
Prior purchasing my Surface, I was using a desktop PC to write my blog. With the purchase of a Surface, I am able to write BBM blogs anytime & anywhere be it prior my workout session or during holidays.

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Conclusion :

Some people use their money to do business, investing in properties, stocks, mutual funds, fixed deposits & etc to grow their wealth. That may also require time as they need time to study & learn how to grow their money. Time investment also can be in the form of wanting to learn something new such as taking courses & learning new skills. I personally believe that learning is part of our lifelong journey as we will never stop learning no matter how old we are. It is like for our parents to learn how to use their smartphone, Facebook & other app. I hope you are able to invest in yourselves or invest to grow your wealth. If you have no idea on what can you do to invest in yourself, you may read my previous post here Invest In Yourself. It’s the Most Powerful Investment with the Greatest Return.



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