Things You Can Buy Before SST Kicks In

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As for now, most of you might be enjoying the benefits of 0% GST. Between June-August 2018, price of certain goods might be lower. This period might be beneficial for some of us especially those that are looking to buy new car. Overall, we can see price of groceries dropped as well.

In my previous post, I have shared about “GST vs SST. Which is Better for Malaysian?” You can definitely check it out if you want to have a better understanding on GST vs SST.

So What are the Things You Can Buy before SST Kicks In?

I have listed some of the thing you might consider want to “BORONG” for the next 1 month or less.

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1. Car
If you plan to change your old car or upgrade your car, this is the best time for you to do so. But….. I heard that many car are on LONGGGGGG waiting list. No harm to try your luck. You might able to get a good bargain from it.


2. Electronic Item
Phones, Laptops, Fridge, Washing Machine & etc. It’s all 0% GST. Shops like Harvey Norman are heavily promoting their 0% GST Promotion.

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Source : Harvey Norman Facebook

3. Healthcare Product
Healthcare product such as wheelchair or other special aid product might be cheaper during this period. Local pharmacies such as Guardian & Watson have also revise their price for all items that are subject to 6% GST previously.

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4. Clothes
This is the best time for most of us to start shopping. Although Raya & CNY is over, you can also start buying it for next year. LOL. For my friend that celebrates Deepavali or Christmas, now its the time to start your shopping spree. Or for some girls that love shopping, this is the best time to buy 🙂

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5. Grocery
Beware!!!!! Most probably by end of August, most grocery shopping center such as Tesco or Aeon will be packed. Too early too tell but its based on my 6th sense. LOL. At the same time, its good to enjoy cheaper groceries from June-August 2019.

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Aside from the above, there are other things that is actually cheaper after 0% GST. Before we proceed further, I am tempted to share this video again on what former Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Haji Ahmad Maslan said about GST.

Maybe he’s right, goods price did actually dropped after GST. What he actually meant is after 6% GST to 0% GST. LOL. I think he can predict the future :).


Other things we that we might notice there is drop in price include :

1. Telephone Bills / Prepaid Card 
It happens to my Digi bill. So 0% GST actually did helped to reduce my burden. 🙂

2. Touch&Go Reload
Some of the Touch&Go Reload location will charge 50 cent for each transaction. After 6% GST, we might be paying additional 3 cent. Yes we can save 3 cent. 🙂

3. Restaurant
Not all but there are some that actually hike up or maintain their price. Most of the established restaurant did reduce their price on 1st June 2019 onwards.

4. Property
This is according to The Sun Article. Did the price of property dropped? Do leave your comment below if you have any thoughts on the latest property price.

Conclusion :

One of Pakatan Harapan 100 days promise is to abolish GST & reintroduce SST on 1st September 2019. Will the price of goods be lower or will there be any hike in price? It is too early to tell. Some businesses might lower their price & some might take advantage to hike up the price. Anyway as for now, lets enjoy our 0% GST “HOLIDAY”.

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