9 Habits That Will Make You Rich

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Most of us have a life goal to achieve & one of it is to be rich. Many people might be exploring some ways to be rich but aside from working hard & working smart, what habit do you need to be rich? Before we proceed further on the 9 Habits That Will Make You Rich, lets have a quick question that you may want to ask yourself.

Question To Ask Yourself : 

1. Why do you want to be rich?
2. How much effort are you willing to put to be rich? 

The reason why I asked you to ask yourself this question is for you to know how bad do you really want it. Once you done answering these questions, its time to explore the 9 Habits That Will Make You Rich. 

1. Keep Hustling
Most of the Richest Man in the World spends most of their time hustling instead of resting & wait for time to flew by. Rather than resting on your bed after work or during the weekend, picking up a book or courses might help you to learn something new. Elon Musk is known for working 85-100 hours a week. Ask yourself, have you been spending your time doing something unproductive recently?

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2. There is No Such Thing as Wait for the Big Idea to Come
Mark Zuckerberg did not start Facebook out of accident or luck. In fact, he’s been writing program since he’s young. With years of experience plus ideas, Facebook is born. Lets look at your current work industry, what do you think you can do better? Any gap you are able to fill? Do you think you can make a change in the industry that you are working now?

3. Create a Plan & Stick to It
You might have a plan on how to be rich or you might not have plan. If you don’t, its time to create your plan. Creating a plan is easy but sticking to your plan might be a challenge. How can you create a plan & stick with it? First, you have to create a SMART Plan. SMART : Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timeline.


Some people might have different definition but it is quite similar. Once you have a SMART Plan, do review it from time to time. It can be once a month or once a quarter.

4. Save Before You Spend
Many people have a habit of spending & save what is left. Some of us have been in such situation where we plan to save whats left at the end of the month. Did it actually happen? It might be rare case to most of us. Instead of you spend before you save, why not save before you spend? Or you can try to save before you spend & save what is left after you spend.

5. Watch Your Spending
Lets have a quick moment to think what have you spend on recently. Did you overspend your money? Saving money is important but spending frugally is as important as saving money.


6. Invest In Yourself
I have shared abit of Invest in Yourself earlier. There are many ways to Invest in Yourself aside from reading books or taking courses. It can be from working out & eating right. I have covered Invest in Yourself in my previous post. You can read it by clicking here.

7. Look for Multiple Source of Income
Most of us are working a 9-5 job. Working 9-5 job does not mean that you cant source for additional income. Additional income can be from Investment, Side Business & many other ways. Maybe you might think that you have no time for that. We have 24 hours a day, spending additional 1-2 hours might not be that heavy for you to begin with.

8. Never Give Up
Sometimes plan might be out of place or things might get tougher but no matter what, you must never give up. Positivity, confidence & persistence are the key. Remember Grasshoppa, Never Give Up.

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9. Seek Guidance from a Mentor
Some of us might be seeking guidance from people around us. Some of them might bring positive result to us & some might bring negative result. It is important to know who to seek guidance from. Before I start to invest, I heard many people said that “Stocks are risky & you need a huge amount of capital to start. It is not something you should get yourself into.” I listened to that person & those advice stuck in my mind for years. What I did not realize is, that person might be burned from investment mistake or he/she might just hear that from other people. Seeking a right guidance from the right people will help you to be rich.

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How to select the right mentor that fits your goal? First look for the person that is more successful than you. Second, see if the person is working in the industry related to you or the industry that you are interested in. Third, ASK for guidance. It is that simple.

Conclusion :

All the above habit might sound easy but it actually requires huge effort & discipline. It really depends on how bad you want it. If you really want it badly, its time plan & set your goal.

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NO!!!!!!!!! You cant start tomorrow. You have to start to think about it now. If you are busy, give yourself a quick 5 minute to think of what can you do to be rich or if have no idea, think about how much you want to have in your bank account in order to be rich. I truly believe that you can do it.


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