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Few days ago, I had a catch-up session with my mentor & he asked me about my view on Mutual Fund. His other question was what are the alternatives if he is looking to diversify his investment portfolio. He mentioned that he heard something about P2P Financing but he has very little idea on it. After further explaining to him, he is pretty convinced that P2P Financing is an Alternative Investment to ENHANCE & DIVERSIFY his Investment Portfolio. You must be asking WHY?

Why Cat Why

Since he’s a Corporate Trainer, his job is to deal with business owners or directors from SME or MNC companies. One of the few challenges that he noticed was situation where Bank refused to lend money to SME due to their business nature & company size. It happens frequently & it is something common especially in such economic situation. This situation will open up opportunity for P2P Financing to allow Investors like us to lend money to those SME Companies that are in need of loan.

How Can This Situation Benefit You & Why Do You Need An Alternative Investment To Enhance Your Portfolio?

1. Diversification
You are able to diversify your investment portfolio by investing in the variety of SMEs hosted by Fundaztic.

2. Better Investment Return
P2P Financing has one of the highest returns in the market. My average return is 10% per annum. Of course, there are risks of payment default but the P2P Financing Platform will do their part to mitigate the risk by doing detailed background check on the SME & their credit history.

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3. Investment Return Up To 36 Months
Depending on what are the terms you want to invest. You can choose between 3-36 months investment tenure and your investment repayments will be repaid monthly (Principal + Interest) across the financing tenure.

4. You Can Invest As Low As RM50 per SME
What can you do with RM50 today? Imagine if you are going on a dinner date, will the meal cost you more than RM50? RM50 is a small amount to start with if you have a low investment budget.

Money Sign Money

Last year, I met a Fundaztic representative to discuss on a potential collaboration between BBM & them. He explained the potential growth in P2P Financing & what are the future of P2P Financing will be like in Malaysia. After that meeting, I have deposited some funds to try it out & I am happy with their investment returns so far.

Why Invest With Fundaztic?

1. No Minimum Deposit 
You have an option to invest with a minimum of RM50 without depositing any monies upfront

2. They Have Strict Rules On Recycling SMEs
This is something that will help mitigate your risk. Imagine investing more & more money to the same SME company. It may increase your chance of getting your Notes Defaulted. But seeing from Fundaztic point of view, they are limiting this to avoid a single SME having too high of a financing exposure on the platform. Their Issuers (SMEs applying for financing) may need to comply to their minimum requirement prior applying for a 2nd Note & currently only 6% of their Issuers are having 2 Notes running simultaneously.

Strict Coffee Time

3. Their Maximum Financing Amount Is RM200,000
Range of Fundaztic financing amount is between RM20,000 – RM200,000. What does this mean? It means that the amount that SME company borrows are in between the company manageable amount. What are the chances of a SME company applying for a maximum of RM200,000 financing and intentionally default and go through the process of getting blacklisted or bankrupt?

4. 1st Month’s Repayment Guaranteed
Fundaztic guarantees your 1st month repayment. Fundaztic will immediately deduct the 1st month repayment from the SME and credit into your Fundaztic account upon disbursement.

Tom Show Money

5. The ONLY Platform with Reward Programs for Investors
Fundaztic has two reward programs namely Go For 100 to reward investors who practise the principle of diversification and build a robust portfolio and Elite Club which provides more rewards when an investor achieves a specific investment amount.

6. Lowest Fee in the Country
Fundaztic only charges a 1% Platform Management Fee from your monthly returns.

What Are The Other Benefits Investing With Fundaztic?

If you are Black Belt Millionaire readers, you get to enjoy instant RM50 bonus when you invest with as low as RM50. That means you can enjoy 120% potential return on your first investment.

Example : RM50 (Your Investment) + RM50 (BBM Bonus) x 10% (Average Return Per Annum) = RM110 (Total)

The above is just an estimation based on their average return & 12 months financing terms. Your potential return may vary based on your initial investment amount + the Interest per Annum.

All you have do is register for an account with Fundaztic & once your account is verified, you can select which Note you would like to invest along with your desired investment amount. Don’t forget to insert the PROMO CODE : BBM019 prior confirming your order or upon check out.



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