Is It Possible To Go Cashless In Malaysia?

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Is it possible to go cashless in Malaysia? This is a trend that I heard coming from country like China where they use mainly mobile app to make payment for any type of transactions whether its food, transportation, parking or anything. Can Malaysia move towards such trend as well?

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Recently I have discovered BigPay when I was purchasing air ticket for my KL trip when they are offering free transaction fee during my ticket purchase. Usually if you use Credit Card or Online Transaction, they will be charging around RM15 on top of your flight price. I went on to register for BigPay & the experience is seamless to me. 5 minutes later, my new debit card is ready to be delivered to me. It is even faster than the usual credit card application experience.

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Upon the arrival of my BigPay card, I noticed that I am able to collect AirAsia BigPoints with Top Up & spending as well.

RM10 spending with BigPay = 1 Big Point

With the excitement of able to collect BigPoint to redeem future flight via AirAsia, I am on board to challenge myself to use BigPay for most of my daily transaction & I realized that there are plenty of benefits of using BigPay.

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1. It Is Accepted Anywhere & Everywhere
Although it is an E-Wallet, it comes with a card that makes it acceptable worldwide & with any Mastercard merchant.

2. Good Exchange Rates
No more complicated statement & hidden cost. With BigPay, they are able to track your location & advise your daily exchange rate when you are overseas.

3. You Can Track Your Spending
What I like about BigPay is their user friendly interface where you can track your spending & they will also provide analytics data of your spending. They will segregate your spending based on F&B, Entertainment, Retail, Fuel & many others. This is beneficial for those who want to track their spending.

4. No More Messy Statement
Remember how our old credit card statement looks like? Sometimes you might need some time to actually digest your statement due to complicated names or indication in your credit card statement. With BigPay, you are able to view it via the app & they will even include logo of some of the merchant for your easy reference.

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How Can BigPay Benefit Me & You?

1. Cashless Transaction
Nowadays, I withdraw lesser money since I have converted most of my expenses to my BigPay card. My weekly expenses allocation of RM300 cash can last up to 2 weeks ever since I converted most of my spending from cash to BigPay.

2. Spending Tracker
This may benefit some of you that don’t have the habit of keying in your daily expenses. With BigPay, you don’t even need to key in your expenses since you are able to track it via their analytics column.

3. You Spend What You Have
In my past experience, I got myself in 2 credit card debts with my bad spending habits. This have lead me to avoid having a credit card & my current credit card limit is the most basic version with RM6000 credit limit. Having card such as BigPay allows you to spend the amount that you top up in your card. With that, you will definitely wont overspend with BigPay.

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Conclusion :

My personal experience on attempting to go cashless with BigPay is fun. I realized that I am able to spend minimum amount at places that have Credit Card Machine. But in places that don’t have those machines, I may need to use cash instead. Malaysia is definitely moving towards cashless trend & we are not far away from it. I am keen to be part of cashless movement & carry lesser cash for safety & convenience purpose. What do you think of it? Do let me know in the comment section about your opinion on Malaysia moving towards cashless & I look forward to hear from you soon.

Before I forget, here are the steps you can use to apply for BigPay.

Use BBM Promo Code SEAMUGISHF to Earn RM10 upon activation. All you need is 5 minutes & you earn extra RM10 when you activate your BigPay card.


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