Do You Feel Life is Unfair?

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Do you feel life is unfair when you see others are doing better than you? Do you feel unfair when you feel that you are supposed to be in that position where your colleagues are sitting right now? Or when you were young, do you feel unfair when you see other kids are having better privileges than you? If you have such thoughts, you should stop these bad thoughts now & look at the positive side of things. I can’t disagree that all of us have different privileges in life & some may have different obstacles in life. It is different for each of us but each privilege or obstacle doesn’t make us better than each other.

Unfair Life

The World is Fair. Why do I said so? We have 24 hours 1440 minutes 86400 seconds a day. If we are able to manage our time well & do something right about our life, whatever goal that we have in life will be within our grasp. We are all born like an empty piece of paper. If we want to make a difference in our lives, we have to invest energy & effort to make ourselves better. Our journey in life really depend on how much effort we put to make it better.

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Prior writing this post, I have always acknowledged that how we look at ourselves is how we will actually dictate our course of life. It is all in our mind. I have spoken to one of my co-workers recently about life & his view about work. I noticed that each individual has different view in life & there’s no right or wrong in each of our view. But… we should never ever look down at ourselves no matter which or what background we are born at. There is no such thing as low class or high class. Remember, we are all in our class of our own.

Never compare yourself with each other. You may not know what others really went through with their lives. They may have the biggest house, the best car but are they really happy deep down? Does money really make you happy? I personally think that it depends on how that individual view on it. My point is, we should never look at other individual surface & feel sorry about your own life. Rather than looking at others, you should look deep into your own life. Figure what is best for your life & build your own Olympic where you are the champion of your own league.

Class Of Our Own

When I was young, I always be the envy kids where I always felt jealous of other kids where they can have whatever they want. Or as a former athlete, I used to have those mindset where I’m jealous at others for being fitter or natural athletes. With those struggle all these years, I realized that we are all born with equal opportunities. Our flaws may be our strength & we should always be grateful with our lives & our ability to still breathe.

If you ever complain about no opportunity in life, you should ask yourself if you are pursuing your dream or just waiting for it to happen. There is a difference between waiting & pursuing. When I was struggling with my huge debt, I have other bunch of friends that were having same issue. Few years later, I managed to get out of debt but they are still struggling. Did I earn more income than them or have better opportunities? The answer is YES. But I actually fought hard for it. While they are spending their time having fun & drinking, I was educating myself on Personal Finance & Investment. Your yesterday struggle may not be today’s struggle as long as your are willing to do something about it.

Bolly Fight

Most important thing that we shouldn’t do to ourselves is playing the victim game. Rather than blaming the world on what’s wrong with us, we should start take charge of our lives. Opportunity will not come to us unless we search or fight for it. Changing such mindset may take days, months or years.

Is life really unfair? I personally don’t think so. Rather than just talking & complaining about how unfair life is, why don’t we make those changes? Why don’t we do something about it? If we fail at our first attempt, try again. Try until you make it. I believe that we can always do the impossible. If you decide to change the way you think & take charge of your life, you need to let go of your past & move forward. As you are reading this post now, time is moving. I urge you to move forward with time & keep driving your life forward.

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