Top 10 Richest Man In Malaysia (2018)

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Ever wonder, how did the rich got richer? Does hard work always pay off & will it help to grow your wealth? Or does it take only 1 opportunity & the rest is history? We will be exploring who is the Top 10 Richest Man in Malaysia & a bit of snippets on how they actually got rich. It will definitely blow your mind.

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#1. Robert Kuok
Net Worth : USD14.8B
Source of Wealth : Diversified
List Of Companies : Golden Screen Cinema, Wilmar International, Shangri-La Hotel, Kerry Group

He’s well known among us as the Sugar King. Robert Kuok started his career as an office boy & later started founded his business with the support of his relatives. His earlier job include working as clerk for a Japanese company. He then later formed Malayan Sugar Manufacturing & followed by his other business such as Shangri-La Hotel & other business.

Quek Leng Chan

#2. Quek Leng Chan
Net Worth : USD7.2B
Source of Wealth : Diversified
List Of Companies : Hong Leong Group

Inherit part of his fortune from his father, he went on to diversify his fortune by involving in several business such as banking, manufacturing, property & others. Quek oversees his Malaysian business while his cousin oversees their Singapore business.

Ananda Krishnan

#3. Ananda Krishnan
Net Worth : USD7.1B
Source of Wealth : Diversified
List Of Companies : Astro, Maxis, TGV Cinemas

Born in 1938, Ananda Krishnan is known for having huge business empire range from oil & gas, leisure, multimedia & telecommunications. Being a low profile businessman that shuns away from the media, he is heavily involved in philanthropist activity. His education background included MBA from Harvard Business School.

Teh Hong Piow

#4. Teh Hong Piow
Net Worth : USD6B
Source of Wealth : Banking & Finance
List Of Companies : Public Bank

Set to step down as the Chairman of Public Bank in 2019, the veteran banker have held the helm for the past 51 years. Born in Singapore in 1930, Teh started to work as a clerk & he managed to rose in his career as the General Manager of Malayan Banking in 1964 at age 34. 2 years later, he took a huge step to start his own bank & he never looked back ever since.

Lee Shin Cheng

#5. Lee Shin Cheng
Net Worth : USD5.6B
Source of Wealth : Palm Oil, Property
List Of Companies : IOI Group

Growing up in a rubber plantation, Lee have been working since he was 11 by selling ice cream to support his family. His famous story is when he purchased Dunlop Estate. He recalled the day he was rejected for a job by Dunlop Estate because of his limited English. 20 years later, he bought that company & it was the happiest moment of his life.

Lim Kok Thay

#6. Lim Kok Thay
Net Worth : USD4.7B
Source of Wealth : Diversified
List Of Companies : Genting Group

Second son of the late Tan Sri Dato Seri Lim Goh Tong, he has been expanding his father business empire to a whole new level. With range of new project such as 20th Century Fox Theme Park & business expansion in the USA. It seems that there is no sign of slowing down for Lim to further expand his business empire.

Chen Lip Keong

#7. Chen Lip Keong
Net Worth : USD3.3B
Source of Wealth : Casino
List Of Companies : NagaWorld

Trained as a medical doctor at University of Malaysia, Chen accepted his calling to start his own business in property & aviation parts. Years later, Chen started to explore other business opportunity & his arrival in Cambodia in 1990s have gave him an opportunity to bid for Casino Operator License. He won the bid & years later, NagaCorp have expanded & his wealth have increased after his company was listed in Hong Kong.

Koon Poh Ming & Koon Poh Keong

#8. Koon Poh Keong & Koon Poh Ming
Net Worth : USD3B
Source of Wealth : Aluminium
List Of Companies : Press Metal

Their journey is definitely not an easy one. They started by renting a factory without any business background in manufacturing. Their business experience as describe by them are learning about the business along the way while seizing the opportunity. Today, they are the biggest integrated aluminium producer in Southeast Asia.

Lau Cho Kun

#9. Lau Cho Kun
Net Worth : USD2.6B
Source of Wealth : Diversified
List Of Companies : Hap Seng Consolidate

Lau is the largest shareholder of Hap Seng Consolidate where it was founded by his late uncle Tan Sri Lau Gek Poh. Their family business include timber, plantation & distribution of heavy machinery such as Caterpillar & automotive such as Mercedes-Benz & Porsche.

Kuan Kam Hon

#10. Kuan Kam Hon
Net Worth : USD2.5B
Source of Wealth : Synthetic Gloves
List Of Companies : Hartalega

Kuan started his career by working at his father company. Years later, he went on to start his own company that manufactures woven labels & badges. In 1981, he founded Hartalega which currently are the largest manufacturer of nitrile gloves in the world.


Wants to know who is the Youngest billionaire in Malaysia? Drumroll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is non other than Anthony Tan.

Anthony Tan.jpg

#50. Anthony Tan
Net Worth : USD300M
Source of Wealth : Technology
List Of Companies : Grab

The founder of Grab debut in the list as the Youngest Billionaire in Malaysia at age 36. Tan started his company known as MyTeksi & later on he rebranded the company as Grab. His recent success included closing a major fundraising round by SoftBank & Didi Chuxing. His another major milestone when Grab officially purchase Uber’s Southeast Asia business.

Conclusion :

Ever wonder why the rich are richer? Have you noticed any common trend among them? Maybe you did not notice but most of the richest man are still working despite their age. Is it really impossible to achieve what these people have achieved? I dont think so. This world is full of possibilities & if you try hard to fight for your goal, you will definitely achieve it.


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