My 2020 New Year Resolution

Hello Grasshoppa,

As I am writing this post, I just completed my final BJJ competition of the year in Bangkok & currently I’m in Phuket for my 1 week BJJ training camp. It’s been 6 years since I was last here & the streets have changed so much. 6 years ago, I stayed here for almost 3 months to prepare for my fight & to be honest, it feels really good to be back here.

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I have been having so many thoughts on my new year resolution for my financial & non financial related. As you all may know, I have retired from MMA fighting but I still compete actively in BJJ. Working a full time job, running a gym, blog, other business & training is kinda tiring but I am driven with all the things that I do.

What Is My 2020 New Year’s Resolution?

1. To Compete In At Least 3 BJJ Tournaments & Win More Medals
This can be linked to my holiday as well. Preferably, I would love to compete in foreign countries so that I can travel at the same time.

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2. Travel To Countries I’ve Never Been To Before
Hopefully there are BJJ tournaments in countries that I am aiming to travel so that I can compete & extend my travel. 2 birds 1 stone.

3. Read At Least 5 Books
My 2019 book reading decreased compared to 2018 due to change of focus. To be honest, I feel that I should do more reading in 2020. Currently, my mentor & I are keeping track of each other resolution which he will be texting me on weekly basis to check on my progress.

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4. Increase My Income
This includes salary increment for my 9-5 job which I just received my increment last month. I am also aiming to have better income for my blog via paid posts, advertisements & referral fees. Your support as a reader is always important for me. Since I am also earning money from posting in my personal social media, I do aim to earn more there as well. Another project that I am currently working on is an e-commerce website which I am expecting to launch by early January 2020. Hopefully with all that, I am able to have more income compared with 2019.

5. Building A New Business
As mentioned above, I am currently working on an e-commerce website. My goal is to automate this business  so that I am able to run it with minimum time & effort. I will be updating more on this once the business is kicked off. Wish me luck.

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6. Increase My Stocks & Other Investments
Investment plays a major part in increasing net worth. So far I have invested most of my income in investments such as stocks, PRS, gold, P2P financing & robo-advisor. With the expected increase in my income, I will be allocating more money to my investment especially stocks.

7. Learning New Skills
I believe that we all should always be learning new skills in life. It can be from something small to something big. Personally, I would like to further improve my communication & presentation skill. Aside from that, my dream of learning to play the drum since I was young may happen if I am able to allocate some time for it.

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8. A Fitter & Stronger Me
This is always part of my new year resolution but I find that 2019 me is more discipline compared to the past. Hopefully I am able to keep up my discipline & train more to ensure I am fitter & stronger.

My New Year Resolution Strong.gif


Conclusion :

Setting new year’s resolutions  may be easy. Some people may even say that why do you even need to set it every year instead you can set it whenever you have a goal. For me, it is important to make sure that I am focus & I am able to keep up with the goals that I set. My goal sets my direction & all I have to do is to execute it in 2020. I may add more goal if needed. But as for now, these 8 are my personal goals for 2020.



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