A Reflection Of 2019. What Went Well & What Have I Learnt?

Hello Grasshoppa,

As we are heading towards 2020, I would like to take this time to reflect what have went well in 2019 & what have I learnt. As each year goes by, I am always positive & grateful on things that went well in my life. One of my believes is, we should always push ourselves & be the best version of ourselves. We should always be open to learn about new things in life.

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2019 is the year that I started to compete actively again after my long injury. This year, I have done 4 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Tournament in Malaysia, Japan & Thailand. Winning gold, silver & bronze medal along the way & got promoted from blue to purple belt. Honestly it was a good experience to compete overseas as I have not done any international BJJ competition until this year.

Competing at an international level allows me to compete & holiday at the same time. Checklist for the location I went for holidays this year include Koh Lipe, Bangkok, Phuket & Tokyo. For the past few years, I’ve been spending my holidays in & out of Thailand which I hope that I can travel to other countries as well in 2020.

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My 9-5 job can be considered a stable job that I have been working for them since 2015. I am very grateful to be part of the company as I get to travel to various countries that I’ve never been to & I am able to earn stable income working for them. Since my gym is ran by my business partner, I usually only show up mainly for training.

My personal finance blog, Black Belt Millionaire started in early 2018 & I have seen so much growth in terms of traffic & views. When I started this blog, my main focus is to share my view on personal finance & investment. Fast forward, BBM is one of the top personal finance blogs in Malaysia. My personal connection has grown & I have gotten to know many friends from blogging, personal finance & investment community.


As for my income, with my hard work from my 9-5 job & other side income, I have seen a huge increment in my income. In fact, I have earned extra RM40,000 on top of my 2018 income. That is pretty huge jump but of course it comes with hard work. Increase in my income also helped me to invest more in my stocks investment & other investment platform. My overall net worth have also increased comparing to 2018.

What Have I Learnt?

Time management is always possible if we are willing to allocate time. This is also a reminder for myself that I have 24 hours to be used wisely. LOL. Everything else is all related to money. In order for me to compete & travel more, I have to earn more money. It also applies that in order for me to travel & stay in better hotel, my travel budget have to be higher.

My ultimate goal is to be part of the FIRE community where I can have Financial Independence & Retire Early but I would like to also live the life where I can enjoy some of the finer things in life. Seeking to have a nomad working life will be something that I am planning right now & hopefully with my existing & new business, I will able to travel  often while having extra income to spend & invest.



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