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I hope you enjoyed my earlier interview with Suraya from Ringgit Oh Ringgit & Aaron Tang from Mr Stingy. If you haven’t read it, do check it out at the link below :

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This week, I will be featuring my Interview with a Financial Blogger, a Corporate Trainer & a Certified Financial PlannerWho are they?

1. Financial Blogger : Leigh from Dividend Magic (DM) 
A veteran Financial Blogger that have been blogging since 2014. What I really enjoyed about his blog is, it is pretty straight forward & you are able to have the access to view his investment portfolio. TBH, I do refer his portfolio sometimes to understand his view on certain stocks that he currently owns. You can checkout his Portfolio aka Freedom Fund here.

2. Corporate Trainer : Dion Ooi from World of Habits (WOH) 
My Sifu aka Mentor of mine that have been guiding me to ensure my Personal Goal is on the right direction. He is a Corporate Trainer that have been teaching & sharing for the past 20 years. You can checkout his LinkedIn Profile for further detail.

3. Certified Financial Planner : Partner of MQ Business Wealth (MQ)
PS : He wants to remain anonymous
Another Sifu of mine that I have been engaging to enhance my knowledge in investment. If you are looking into Wealth Creation, Insurance or Wealth Protection, you can checkout his company for further details.

Without further delay, lets start the Interview with them.

Enjoy Interview

1. What inspires you to start your blog?

DM : To show the average Malaysian that investing is easy and it is for everyone.

WOH : Inspiring and developing people as my life purpose.

MQ : PS : He’s not a blogger. LOL.

2. What is your financial goal?

DM : Be financially independent. Passive income from dividends of RM36,000 per annum to be specific.

WOH : To be financially free by 2030

MQ : Guaranteed RM500,000 passive income annually with increment of 10% per annum since 2018

3. Where do you learn about investing or financial planning?

DM : Interest started from university. Thereafter, mostly from books and online resources.

WOH : My mentors, coaches, workshops, books and inner circles.

MQ : Training, meeting and brainstorming with right people besides researches with practical plans which reviewed from time to time

4. Can you share a glimpse of your investment portfolio or what are you currently investing in?

DM : Yep. It’s all on my site: Dividend Magic

WOH : Unit trusts, fixed deposits and intellectual properties

MQ : Properties, stocks and business (people)

5. Do you track your spending? If yes, how?

DM : I tried to using apps. But the habit has yet to stick.

WOH : Budgeting and spreadsheets

MQ : I set a comfortable budget for spending and i do not track them any more.

6. What is your worst financial or investment decision you ever made?

DM : Getting a girlfriend. Kidding. I’d say I spend a little too much on travels.

WOH : Forex

MQ : I do not consider those as worst ever done as experience were gained. No free lunch in the world.

7. How do you define success in your life?

DM : Being financially independent.

WOH : Leaving a legacy as an inspiring leader and developing people to reach their highest potential

MQ : Healthy and happy life

8. Any advice to the readers on investment or financial planning?

DM : To keep it simple. Always save. Always stay invested.

WOH : Different people, different solutions. Find the best that suits your resources.

MQ : Set a crystal clear goals and to have mentors or coaches for some advice which help us to see things from different perspective besides doing own research to know what we are doing.

THANK YOU ALL for taking your time to complete this interview. Looking forward to work with all of you for more future opportunity.

What do all 3 of them have in common despite different background?

Let’s break it down into their Purpose & Goal. Im sure all you notice that their Purpose of doing what they are doing now is to HELP people. It can be from Inspiring People to Developing Leaders. What about their Personal Goal? It is obvious that each of them are seeking to be Financially Free which I believe it should be part of your Goal as well.

I hope all of you enjoy all 5 Interview that I have done with 3 Malaysian Personal Finance & Investment Blogger & my 2 Mentor. Hopefully, you are able to learn something from those Interview.

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