How Did I Collect 10,000 AirAsia BIG Points In One Month?

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In my previous post on How To Maximize Your BigPay Card & Other E-Wallet, I shared some useful tips on how to maximize BIG Points collection by using BigPay & FavePay. (The cashback part for Boost E-Wallet may not be accurate anymore with the recent changes in their Shake Reward program).

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Last year when I was introduced to BigPay & BIG Points benefits, I was excited & determined to maximize my usage to ensure that I am able to claim free flight ticket. By using FavePay, I am able to collect BIG Points as well. The combination of both BigPay & FavePay allow me to claim up to 5000 points since I started to use it for almost a year. Back when BigPay was launched, for every RM20 spent, you are entitled for 1 BIG Point & for FavePay, you have to spend RM3 for 1 BIG Point or if you purchase Fave Deal, you are able to earn 1 BIG Point for RM1. Frankly, it was not easy to collect 5000 BIG Points even though I have switched most of my transactions to BigPay & FavePay.

How Did I Collect 10,000 BIG Points In A Month?

To be honest, it took me less than a month to collect 10,000 BIG Points. With the introduction of AirAsia Credit Cards by Hong Leong Bank, collecting 10,000 BIG Points is actually not that hard. I personally feel that they are pretty generous with the points system.

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Aside from their point system, they are also offering Bonus for your spending. I have yet to receive both Welcome Bonus & Quarterly Bonus but I do expect to receive it as I have exceeded both minimum Retail Spending within 60 days & quarterly spending.

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Part of the reason why I started to apply this credit card was due to their promotion that caught my eye. The more card applications, the more points I am able to earn. So if you look at the current applicants to date, they have 33,886. Assuming that there are no more applicants, I am able to earn additional 2951 BIG Points. How did I calculate that? Just take 100,000,000 BIG Points & divide it by 33,886 = 2951 BIG Points.

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The above promotions attracted me to apply for the card. But how did I actually collect 10,000 BIG Points?

Recently my company sent me to Japan for a business trip & I took that opportunity to swipe my card for all of my company expenses & my personal shopping as well. With the accumulation of food, hotel & personal shopping, I am able to earn 10,000 BIG Points. Being abroad has enabled me to earn 1 BIG Point for every RM2 spent. Since my company trip include a group of individual, I actually took the lead to pay for everyone’s meal during few occasions & claim it back from my company. The good thing is, I get to pay & claim but the bad thing is, my cash flow is stuck since my habit is to pay my credit card bills within few days after my usage.

Prior applying the credit card, I was also considering between their Gold Card or Platinum Card. The benefits of Platinum Card is definitely attractive to me but honestly I hate it when I have to pay Annual Fee for my credit card. For Platinum Card, I have to pay RM350 per annum & for Gold, it’s RM200 per annum. First year Credit Card Fees will be waived for both Gold & Platinum card.

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The funniest thing is, I was instantly upgraded to BIG Platinum Member on AirAsia BIG platform but when I go to my AirAsia profile, my membership is still RED. Not sure if it’s system error or both AirAsia BIG & AirAsia membership are different. I’m confused. As for Priority Boarding & Check-In, I will find out soon enough during my Bangkok trip.

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What I Do Not Enjoy About AirAsia Credit Card?

1. Exchange Rate
BigPay definitely lives up to their credit when they claimed that they have the best exchange rate. Since it is under Hong Leong Bank, their exchange rate will be based on the bank exchange rate.

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2. Hong Leong App User Interface
Since Hong Leong app is a multifunctional app, I find that their interface is not very user friendly for credit card transaction & tracking. I am able to track my transaction but it will not be reflected in my outstanding balance until few days later. Comparing to BigPay & Citibank, their user interface is definitely better.

3. Not Much Visibility On BIG Point
For BigPay, I can track it on the same app. As for FavePay, I will able to know how much point I get upon transaction & it will be reflected within a few minutes. In order for me to track my BIG Point for AirAsia Credit Card, I have to go to AirAsia BIG app to check. As you can see, FavePay will indicate what transaction that I made. I can track my BIG Point detail for BigPay by logging in the app but for AirAsia Credit Card, I will not able to track what did I spent to earn the point.


4. Credit Card Fee 
Paying RM200 (Gold) or RM350 (Platinum) is definitely expensive in my opinion but for me to pay RM350 & have high possibility of redeeming free flight, why not?

Conclusion :

Credit Card usage is quite sensitive to me especially I have a history of bad credit card spending habits that resulted in piles of debts. It was up to a point where I was unable to apply for credit card. Of course that was history. After I cleared my debts, I started to use 1 basic Citibank Card & when I was introduced to BigPay, most of my expenses was paid by using BigPay.

Currently I’m will still be using my BigPay & other E-Wallets for my daily expenses payment but it will all be linked to my AirAsia Credit Card. Can I earn BIG Points from topping up my BigPay? Honestly I tried but I’m not sure if there is any points given to me from top up. It’s very hard to track in detail for my AirAsia Credit Card BIG Points. But despite those little challenges that I have, I will still stick to it as the point system is pretty attractive. I am looking forward to redeem my first flight with BIG Point.



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